5 FREE Apps Every Reader Needs

Like most readers, I prefer a physical book over a digital one. But we all must face the reality of our world–almost everything is online. Readers now have not only their local libraries and bookstores to browse for books but also thousands of ebooks online. Here are 5 apps I use to navigate the digital reading world.

1. Goodreads

Goodreads is an amazing app for any reader. It functions like a digital bookshelf you can share with friends. You can keep track of books you’ve read, want to read, set reading challenges for the year, follow your friends and authors, send recommendations, and most importantly post reviews.

One of my favorite features is the want to read shelf. I keep most of the books I want to read here and can view them by title, author, length of the book, and a few other ways. I LOVE that I can view the books by length! Sometimes I want a short read and Goodreads makes it that much easier to find it. You can find this app on all platforms.

2. LibriVox Audio Books

This is a free app. I love love love this app. Unfortunately, the majority of the content is classic literature, but the dramatic reading make them all so much fun! I have listened to Romeo and Juliet, Tarzan of the Apes, Alice in Wonderland, Dracula, and many others. If you aren’t into the dramatic narrators there are normal readers as well.

The content is managed by LibriVox. You can volunteer to read or listen for free on their website or app. This app is available in the iTunes and Google Play store.

3. OverDrive

By far one of my favorite apps for reading! I recommend this app to anyone and everyone who reads. You link your library cards with the OverDrive app and borrow ebooks or audiobooks with ease.

You can read the books you rent from within the OverDrive app or the Kindle app/device. I prefer Kindle because of the features the app offers. No matter how you choose to read your book will automatically return when your rental time has expired. No more late fees!

Every library has their own rules about how long you can rent an ebook/audiobook but the norm is about 7 to 14 days. Truly amazing! There are a few apps similar to OverDrive like Libby or Hoopla, your library might use these apps as well. OverDrive is available on most devices.

4. We Read Too

A great resource when trying to find books written by authors of color featuring a main character of color! We Read Too encompasses a large scope of books, from pictures book all the way to young adult books. There are lots of hidden gems. I highly recommend readers to scroll through this app when looking for new exciting reads they might be overlooking in their local bookstore. We Read Too is available on both iPhones and androids.

5. Kindle App

Kindle is Amazon’s reading app, you probably have it on your phone and have ignored it since you have downloaded it. If you use OverDrive, which you should be, you can use the Kindle app to read ebooks you are renting. The Kindle app has SO many awesome features but by far my favorite is highlighting. You can highlight and as you read popular highlighted lines will show. Beyond renting or buying ebooks from Amazon you can also upload PDF/documents to be sent to your Kindle app or device. This is amazingly helpful if you are a student, download ebooks from sources other than the Kindle store, or in need to review documents on the go. You can find the Kindle app across all platforms.

What are you waiting for download them!

Using these five apps has made digital content easier for me to manage and use. I love being able to find, rent, and read it from the comfort of my home in a matter of minutes. Almost as much as I love strolling through a bookstore. I challenge you to venture into the digital age of reading. Maybe you can grow to love these apps as much as I have.

Have a reading-related app I need to know about let me know in the comment section below. Happy reading!


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