Rosemary’s Baby

Ira Levin

“‘I am not saying,’ Hutch said, ‘that you will walk into the Bramford and be hit on the head with a piano or eaten by spinsters or turned to stone. I am simply saying that the record is there and ought to be considered along with the reasonable rent and the working fireplace: the house has a high incidence of unpleasant happenings. Why deliberately enter a danger zone? Go to the Dakota or the Osborne if you’re dead set on nineteenth-century splendor.” 


It was not easy to find this title or any of the classic horror books on my list in my local libraries. Rosemary’s Baby was not #1 on my list, it was actually towards the bottom BUT it was the first I was able to find through the online catalog. So be warned, your local library may not have a huge selection of horror books.

Rosemary’s baby was a page-turner. The first few pages didn’t catch my attention but once the story got going it was going! If you like suspense stories, witches, or the occult this read is for you.  

Rosemary and her husband Guy have a comfortable posh life. They, by chance or fate, land the apartment of their dreams after the old tenant dies of a mystery illness. Their friend, Hutch gives them fair warning about the building they are moving into. Laying an ominous framework for the story.

Rosemary is caught up in decorating and Guy his acting career just enough to distract Rosemary from what she has been wanting. A baby, three to be exact. Strange things start to happen and then a death. Through this, the couple becomes friends with an elderly couple down the hall. Guy becomes distant. Great opportunities land in Guy’s lap at other’s expense, Rosemary is hesitant but happy. Happy because Guy is ready for a child.

Through a cult-like fever dream, Rosemary conceives a child. The adventure begins, Rosemary becomes the highlight of her neighbors and Guy’s life. Drink this, eat this, don’t do this–everyone has control over the pregnancy but Rosemary. Rosemary’s pregnancy is exciting, old friends have concerns for Rosemary’s health and safety rasing red flags for Rosemary….she struggles to gain freedom. I was quickly turning pages all the way up to her due date, you will be too!

If you decide to read Rosemary’s baby, you will wonder what is really happening and maybe just as surprised as I was by the ending. There is a second book, Son of Rosemary. For now, I am satisfied with the ending of Rosemary’s Baby. 

I recommend this read to anyone who wants to ease their way into the horror genre, it was not spooky or scary. At most unsettling. Rosemary’s Baby is an older book but reads easy. I hope you find time to squeeze this read into spooky reading this year.


Have you read Rosemary’s Baby? Have you seen the movie? If you have read it will you go on to read the sequel?


      1. nsfordwriter

        I think I liked it but not hugely – I suppose I was comparing it to the film and it had more ideas than action maybe? Several years ago so don’t remember too well 😉
        Hi, by the way – I found you through Norrie sharing your post. You’re my 99th WordPress follower!

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