Review of Remote Page Turner for Kindle Paperwhite

I saw this remote page turning device on the a bookish post and thought it too good to be true. it was a meme, that I have lost track off. I thought there was no way a little remote could turn the pages of my kindle, yet alone ebook pages on my iPad.

I searched on google reading reviews of how some presentation remote clickers paired with tablets but not kindles, other kindles and not tablets, yada yada I went down the rabbit hole. After about an hour of searching and reading reviews on amazon, I decided on one called the SYUKUYU RF Remote Page Turned for Kindle Reading IPad Surface comics, iPhone Android Tablets Reading Novels Taking Photos. A mouth full I know, but the reviews were positive for both kindle and ipad screens.

This bad boy is going to set you back a whopping $32.99. Steep, but worth the price. Sadly, this item is not eligible for prime. I ordered it on January 23 and it arrived on February 02, almost a month before the predicted arrival.

Now to the good part, DOES IT WORK?

YES! Shockingly enough, right out the box the screen clip and remote work like a charm on both my Kindle Paperwhite and my Ipad Pro.

Testing out the remote and screen clip on my Kindle Paperwhite
Testing out the remote and screen clip on my iPad pro.

My Thoughts

This is by far the laziest thing I have ever bought myself. It is a treat to be bundled up in a blanket, hands covered and warm, and still be able to turn the page on my Kindle Paperwhite. If you have cold hands, like to be bundled up, want to have your e-reading devices propped up, or might need an adaptive tool to help you click the screen this remove page turner is for you!

Out of the box, it has a charge to work. I do not know how long that charge will last, but it was enough to test out how well the device was going to work….and if I had been scammed out of $32.99.

The remote page turner comes in a pretty small box that all the parts fit back into. Which is super nice for storing all the pieces together. In the box you get directions, a user tips handout, a remote, a screen clip, a charging cord, a wrist lanyard, and three dust caps for the charging ports.

It is easy to set up and use right out of the box. On the back of the screen clip is a button call “the activation key.” Once you tap it, the screen clip pairs with the remote and you are ready to rock and roll.


  • Easy to set up
  • Easy to use
  • Remote goes to sleep after 5-8 minutes to use, not a problem for a fast reader.
  • Charge last a long time
  • The clip is not a distraction on the kindle Paperwhite screen
  • Screen clip fits well on a Kindle Paperwhite screen
  • Screen clip fits over the standard Kindle Paperwhite case sold by Amazon with no issues—> Click here for the one I have.
  • Useful as an adaptive tool for someone who many need extra help clicking a screen
  • Fun to use


  • Wrist lanyard is difficult to attach to remote
  • Remote goes to sleep after 5-8 minutes of use, issues for slower readers.
  • Screen clip is bulky
  • Screen clip does not fit the iPad screen well, it was difficult to find a place that did not cover the words on the page. I tested it using the Kindle app on my ipad.
  • Screen clip doesn’t fit well on an iPad with a case (this will vary based on your case)
  • Only can use the screen placements recommended by the company, regardless of the decide you are reading on

Should you buy it?

YES! Overall I give is 5/5 stars. If you are looking for a cool Kindle/ereading upgrade, look no further than this page turning remote. I highly recommend if you are interested ordering one as soon as possible, as shipping takes a long time.

You can buy on amazon here!

IF you are thinking about ordering this device to use with your iPad or tablet of similar size, keep in mind that with a case the screen clip may not fit well. The screen clip may also block a word or two depending on your page layout on your ipad/tablet.

Do you have a remote page turner? Have you ordered one? Let me know in the comments below, or tweet me @litlemonbooks.

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