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I am a well-read millennial, so naturally, I want to share my opinions of books with fellow readers. Beyond reading, I am living for a moment when I can curl up in a fluffy chair with a hot cup of tea and binge watch Netflix.

I was a reluctant reader throughout my childhood. I can recall reading ONE book willingly, Measle and the Wrathmonk by Ian Ogilvy. I can’t tell you how this book came into my possession but it was a game changer. I flipped through the pages following Sam’s journey realizing that reading was so much more than the words on a page.

My reading habits didn’t change much after Measle and the Wrathmonk, but I was on the lookout for an adventure. My teachers and friends recommended books to me like House on Mango Street and Esperanza Rising didn’t appeal to me and probably never will.

It all changed when my 7th science teacher handed out the latest Scholastic book order, I flipped through and circled books my mom would order and I’d pretend to read–the typical go around. Then I saw the plain black cover of hands holding an apple, I was sold. The description was vague, I didn’t care, the cover spoke to my tween soul. Twilight arrived weeks later. I devoured every word. I waited eagerly each summer for the next book to come out. From that point on I blew through series and novels.

My reading habits changed as I grew older I ventured in and out of YA only to find myself right back where I started. I read new and old books. I prefer a physical book over an ebook, but I will work with what I have. My favorite genres are YA, fiction, supernatural, horror, and memoirs.

Feel free to email at litlemonbooks@gmail.com with any suggestions, guest post request, or questions. Have a suggestion? Look over my review policy before sending an email.

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