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Bloggers You Should Follow

Lit Lemon is FOUR years old! I have had an amazing time running this bookish blog. To celebrate, I am highlighting my fellow bookish creators. The following list this is a combination of new and established bloggers. Regardless of how long they have been in the bookish world, they all focus on reviewing books. I […]


A Bookish Earth Day

Around springtime and Earth day, I find enjoyment reading books that feature adventures, fairies, fantasy as a whole, and other themes that make me feel one with nature. This year I wanted to encourage readers to not only read this Earth day but do something a little green. Something that wasn’t recycling, but still in theme with […]


Let’s Talk About Fantasy

Fantasy is an exciting and tedious genre to explore. Most times fantasy is stereotyped as a story that has evil troll-like creatures, elves that hold nature near and dear to their hearts, a hero who is flawless, magical interventions, and most likely if humans are involved they are destroying something. While some of the common […]


Liebster Award

Another nomination! This time the Liebster Award. Thank Jenna at Bookmark Your Thoughts, for the nomination. If you are not following her yet, do yourself a favor and check out her reviews and tips on bullet journaling. I borrowed this tidbit of information from Jenna’s post about the Liebster Award which she got from Norin’s […]


National Reading Month

March is National Reading Month, the goal is to encourage young readers to develop a habit of reading for 15 minutes a day. Reading for 15 minutes a day is a great goal for all readers. National Reading Month is typically celebrated in classrooms across the United States, you may also know March as the […]