Our Teenage Years: Growing Up in a Small Town

T.J. Wray I always tell my sister that on judgment day, when I’m standing before God and he asks me why I did this or why I did that with my life. My answer will always be, “Sir, I did the very best I could with what you gave me to work with. Which was […]


Time Crawlers: Stories From a Parallel Universe

Varun Sayal “These stories are events that my brain somehow tapped into and captured in detail. Let me know if your unconscious mind visited the same universes as mine.” Time Crawlers: Stories From A Parallel Universe is a collection of six short science fiction stories. The stories do not lack action, advanced technology, or mythology but […]


Let’s Be Legends

Sean Fesko “Those I Love you’d were great, but unfortunately for me it was a short-lived high. Because, just a few days later, I got the news that would rock me for months, and I’m sure I won’t ever recover.” Matt is a dream and Kara has some emotional baggage. Kara and her mother move […]