3 Ways Read Classics for FREE

ebooks for free

FREE. Yes, Free.

You can read classics novels for free! Why? They are old and the copyright licenses have expired. Because of this, we can find classic books available for free online (ebook or pdf). Below are three ways I have found the easiest to find and read the classics for free.


Did you know Amazon has a special section of ebooks called Amazonclassics? Search “Amazaonclassic editions” to find many free classic novels. I recently stumbled across this and knew it was too good not to share. Check out my list on Amazon for a quick peek at some of the titles I was able to find.


A great resource for free classics but they have a limited selection. You can search by author or title and download the ebook in a PDF or PCR file. PDF files can be read on your computer, phone, or tablet. PCR files can only be read in an ebook reading app like Kindle. I downloaded a PCR to see if the webpage was still active, it is! The file downloaded quickly and was easy to open with the Kindle app on my computer.


If you have an Apple product you are probably familiar with the iBooks app. The iBook store has hundreds of free classics! You have to do a little more hunting this way but you can’t beat reading ebooks for free. Like with the Kindle app, you can upload PDF files to read within the app. So, it is a perfect application to use if you are going to download PDF files from freeclassicbooks.com.

Easy right?

If these three options don’t work for you, you can always head down to your local library and check out their selection of classic literature. Do you have another website or app you use to find and read classics for free? If so tell me below 🙂

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