3 Websites You Need for Cheap Books


Reading can become a pricey hobby. Especially for those readers who prefer new hardback to paperback. Keeping up with a growing to be read list is expensive and can pose challenges when you can’t find the books in stores. Fret no longer! I have searched the internet for what I believe are the best online new and used book websites to bring to you my top three. 


My number one go to website for new and used books! Thriftbooks.com is by far the cheapest way to get books as long as you don’t mind a used book. They do offer new editions but I normally go for a used copy because it is cheaper. I have gotten books for ONE DOLLAR. You cannot beat that. If you make an account and join their email list you will get discount codes and earn points for further discounts. Definalty check out thrfitbooks before you order elsewhere!


HPB is not my favorite website because the books are never as cheap as thriftbooks, but they carry newer books. You can also join their website to enjoy perks similar to thriftbooks.com’s reward program. Unlike thiriftbooks, HPB has physical locations. You can find awesome deals in store but online it is always a gamble. If thriftbooks doesn’t have what you are looking for HPB will:)


I protested buying books from Amazon for some time because I was angry my local Borders, an old bookstore, had closed. I blamed Amazon. Was it the internet or bad business deals, I don’t care I am over it. SO I came around to buying books from Amazon. I have written before about the great deals you can find in their ebook collection but beyond ebooks/Kindles, you can find good deals on physical books as well. I rank Amazon as third for buying books cheap because frankly, you don’t always find the best prices for used books on Amazon. As far as new released HPB or Amazon are probably the best online stores. Don’t get me wrong, I have come to love Amazon and all the website has to offer but for cheap books def checkout Thriftbooks first.

Will you start shopping at one of these websites?

Any wise book lover knows to shop around to find the best deal before placing an order. Where do you shop for books online or are you strictly an ebook reader? Is there a website I need to know about? Let me know!


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