The Exorcist

William Peter Blatty

“Well, the research into it affected me and the novel, it very much strengthened my faith.” -William Peter Blatty


If you scare easily, this not for you. If you find children involved in horror unnerving, this is not for you. If demons, ghost, or unexplained forces spook you, this is not for you. I enjoyed the novel, it was spooky but more about faith and science than demons. 

The Exorcist is the fictionalized account of an American possession, The Case of Robert E. Hunkeler. You can read more about Robert here. 

Twelve-year-old Regan McNeil leads a typical life; she is shy and enjoys board games. Until her mother, Chris, and the other household members, become aware of Regan’s strange behaviors as a series of poltergeist disturbances unfold.

Regan becomes inexplicably ill, Chris searches for any rational answer to her sickness. Regan undergoes rapid yet disturbing psychology and physical changes, which go unexplained and undiagnosed. Chris seeks out a priest as a last resort.

Father Karras comes to investigate Regan’s behavior, like the doctors, runs through very psychological disorder possible; but is unable to diagnose her with confidence. He consults the bishop for permission to perform the rite of exorcism because he believes Regan is possessed. Ultimately, the exorcism falls in the hands of Father Karras, who saves Regan.

There is so much more to this read than what I have said. You have to read it to discover the richness of Blatty’s work. I highly recommend to anyone interested in the occult, spookiness, or horror. Definitely a read for mature readers. 


  1. Bryan Fagan

    I’ve never read the book but I remember the movie. It was the only movie that shook me up. I was just a kid and it scared me a level I never knew existed. Now that I’m older and a little wiser I’m curious if the book would effect me the same?

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