5 Ways to Give Back as Reader

It is the giving season and I, like many others, like to give a little more during this time of year. How can you do that as a reader? Easy! Read my list below~

1. Volunteer to Read

How so? Your local library probably has a read aloud program for children. Volunteer to read once or twice. If not at your local library, try a hospital or clinic. Don’t limit yourself to reading to children, nursing homes have volunteer programs as well.

2. Volunteer in General

Volunteering is something special everyone can do. You are giving something that is priceless, your time. I have volunteered at libraries, food shelters, and coached youth sports. The possibilities are endless when it comes to volunteering: pet shelters, schools, libraries, hospitals, nursing homes, child care. Don’t be afraid to give your time this holiday season.

3. Donate your books

There are many children, teens, and adults who do not own books or have means to. Think about donating some of your books to you local women’s shelters/shelters, libraries, and schools. If you are in the US and do not feel comfortable donating your books in the ways listed above you can use a website called Pickup Please. They will pick up the donation box from your curb side. Another great book donation by mail is through the ALA’s website, click here.

4. Don’t want to donate your books?

Don’t! Contact your local schools and educator friends. Teachers and librarians have a growing wish list of books they would to add to their classrooms. I like to donate to local agencies around me, if you don’t that is okay. There are other book program out there that have a similar mission of increasing literacy among Americans. I could not pick just one so here is a Huffpost about book charities, you can read it here.

5. Donate to an author’s cause

If you frequent my blog you know I follow Khaled Hosseini. He has a foundation to help Afghan women and children. Hosseini is not the only author out there who has a foundation or supports a cause, find your favorite author’s or your own and donate to it.

 ’tis the season~

I encourage not only readers but all people to donate their time or if possible a few extra dollars this holiday season to better our world. Literacy is just one of the many issues near and dear to my heart, but don’t feel bound to reading world if you are a reader. Branch out and see what other causes you might be interested in. I hope you find time to do something kind this holiday season.

Do you donate your books? Do you volunteer? Do you know of any online book donations? Tell me below!


  1. stephaniedanielsonauthor

    I loved it! When I was very young, my little hometown library was only a mile away. Our mom would drive us over there (or sometimes we’d walk) and it was storytime! All the kids would gather ’round, sit on the floor, and listen and watch intently as the volunteer read to us page by page.

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