Happy Birthday Me!


Today is my birthday. I am 25, a quarter of a century.


Here are 25 fun facts about me:

  1. I hate romance novels
  2. I like to buy used books over new ones
  3. I have two pugs, Wheezy and Mogi. My blog thumbnail is their faces with a lemon from a meme. dogs1
  4. My favorite colors are black, purple, neon yellow and green, mustard yellow, and red.
  5. I like to visit national and state parks
  6. My name is Mackenzie.
  7. I binge Netflix
  8. I wore bifocals and now wear single vision glasses.
  9. I HATE springtime. I hate pastel colors and all the pollen in the air.
  10. I love farm animals/most animals
  11. I enjoy being out in nature.
  12. I love live music.
  13. If I could live inside a high fantasy world, I would but stay my human self.
  14. I have never received a book as a birthday gift.
  15. I like to watch movies. I horror movies are my favorite and romance movies are my least favorite. I’ll watch anything in between.
  16. I prefer hot herbal/floral teas to coffee, but coffee is more popular thus easier to find. So I drink more coffee than tea.
  17. Texas is home.
  18. I like the way toadstool mushrooms look. They remind me of fairy tales and magic.
  19. I love to watch documentaries. I will watch a documentary about anything.
  20. I’ll wear a dress or skirts out of laziness
  21. I will avoid reading popular things because of “the hype.”
  22. I don’t really like fandoms, but accept that is apart of the reading world and find myself apart of a few.
  23. I eat local honey
  24. My favorite fruit is a honey crisp apple
  25. One of my dreams is to live on a farm with many animals.

Screen Shot 2018-12-01 at 11.08.17 PM








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