5 Ways to Break Your Reading Slump

Breaking a Reading Slump

We have all been there–a slump. Maybe you are too busy to read, too tired, too lazy, burnt out, or just don’t want to. All readers have felt the funk of a reading slump. How do you break out? Can you break out? Here are my 5 tips to end a reading slump.

1. Set Time Aside to Read

You do not have to read a book or listen to one to get back to reading! We are trying to break out of slump not start a new habit.

Schedule time to read. Wake up early, read with a friend, read with your child, read to your dog, read before bed, read first thing in the morning, or read during lunch. This is your time to get back to the lovely word of reading, pick a time and a place that works for you. Maybe you only want to set aside time to read in coffee shops or on the sofa on Wednesday night, it is your time be as flexible as you like but try to develop some sort of schedule.

During your scheduled time: read the news, a comic strip, check out the latest post on Nat Geo, read a summary, read a blog post, check out some reviews, most of all don’t force yourself to read a book if you don’t want too. You want to spark that hunger for a book, not march through a novel you don’t care about. You might read an article that will spark an interest that reminds you of a book–thus your slump is broken….but it rarely that easy.

2. Read Shorter Works–“Quick Reads”

Read something that is quick and easy to get through. If you are in a slump you don’t want to tackle an 800 epic fantasy adventure, you want something that is going to get you back on track to reading. I like to turn to Children’s Lit when I am in a slump. Most of the books in Children’s Lit are short or quick reads which make them easy to digest. 8/10 are also a lot of fun.

If you are not into children’s lit, you can find short stories to read. I love Edgar Allen Poe’s work, but there are thousands of short stories out there in almost every genre. I do not read fanfiction, but if you are interested in fanfic, I would consider most short stories/serial reads.

Outside of Children’s Lit and short stories, shorter non-fiction pieces, like memoirs, are my next go to when in a slump. One of my favorites is I am Malala if you have not read that-stop what you are doing, get a copy from your local library and read it ASAP. Memoirs are compelling reads that can kickstart your hunger for more.

If all of the above are not working more me or I am not feeling any of those genres, I turn to comics and manga. They are easy reads with cliffhangers left and right, AND most have an animated series you can watch while you read or after.

3. Watch the Movie, then Read the Book

For me, there is no better way to break a slump than watching a book based movie BEFORE reading the book. I have done this countless times knowingly and unknowingly. Obviously, this is not for everyone because the plot will be spoiled for you, but you will leave knowing if you are interested in the story. We all know 9/10 the book is better than the movie.

Not into movies? No problem! There are oodles of TV series based on books. Netflix, Hulu, and HBO have a growing catalog of book-based content!

4a. Reread a Favorite

A popular go-to way to break a slump. This works for most readers, I am not one of them. Why is it on my list if I do not use this tip? I do, just not faithfully. Which is why it is at the bottom of my list.

Rereading a favorite book can be risky, BUT the book can remind you why you love reading. You can use that love and sudden insight to springboard into another favorite book. If you are in a slump, defiantly consider revisiting a favorite OR skip down to 4b. 

4b. Read Around a Vacation/Release Date

Take a break and plan to read a book or two during your next vacation or during a particular part of the year. EX: Reading a romance novel in February, a fairy themed book before Earth Day, a spooky book during the fall, whatever works for you. This always helps me break out of a slump. 

Taking a break until the next book in the series you love or want to read comes out is never a bad idea. EX: 2020 is a year away if I were in a slump I would tell myself not to fret because when Empire of the Vampire by Jay Kristoff releases I will be right back to reading. But I am not in a reading slump right now. If I were….this book would easily break it.

It is easy to say what to do when in a reading slump when you’re not in a reading slump. Planning to read over a vacation/trip, holiday-themed reads, or waiting for a book to released are “easy” ways to build the excitement for reading again.

5. Take a Break!

Take a break. Are you required by law to meet your reading goal? Do you have to even set a goal? NO. If you aren’t in the mood to read sometimes, there isn’t anything you can do but take a break.

It is 1000% okay to step away from the reading world until you find the motivation or want to jump into a novel. Reading is not going anywhere. One of the great benefits of taking a break is when you come back there will always be new books you have not read.

Reading breaks are not the end of your reading career. When the time is right, you will find that book/story/audiobook that will hook you once more. 


I hope you found these tips helpful and are soon out of your reading slump!! Do you have any tips you would add to this list? Are you in a reading slump? What is your go-to way to breaking your slump?


  1. lucysnovelpurpose

    These tips are great! I will try them when I next find myself in a slump! I usually read a favourite book in a slump or just take a break! Sometimes I try a different genre too which sometimes works.

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