Bookish Without WiFi?

no internet connectionRecently I spent a period of time without an internet connection. I learned a lot about our digital world and how spoiled I have become by the convenience of Prime reading, Overdrive, Hoopla, and the internet as a whole.

If you find yourself in a situation like this what do you do? How do you carry on if you are a digital reader? Here are some useful tips on how to keep digitally reading without wifi 🙂

1. How long will you be without an internet connection?

This is an important question to ask yourself. There is a big difference in planning a week without wifi compared to a month. It sounds silly, but once you have lived years with reliable wifi connection, it is difficult to adjust without it. Once you have an idea of how long you will be without a steady internet connection, you can plan accordingly.

If this is a semi-permanent situation, I highly recommend joining your local library and or bumping up your wireless plan to an unlimited data package.

2. Update and download books to your reader/phone/tablet!

At the time, I did not have my Kindle. I was reading ebooks on my phone using the Kindle app. I knew that I was going to be without internet for some time, so I downloaded free books and bought a few.

  • Amazon has daily deals on ebooks, most are under $3.00. I was able to get The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings series during a daily deal. 🙂
  • If you are a member of your local library, you can download ebooks through Overdrive/Libby/Hoopla. Typically ebooks auto return after 14 days.

3. Download audiobooks!

Please, please, please, consider downloading audiobooks. Audiobooks pass the time, sometimes faster than a playlist. I started my free trial of Audible during this time, which lead to me keeping the account for a month.

4. Take advantage of places with free Wifi connection.

McDondals, Starbucks, Chili’s restaurants, local coffee shops, hotels, and libraries offer free internet connection. I have shamelessly used all of the locations listed above. Sadly, my local library had a time limit on internet use (on a computer). I had to go there with a plan, but it was nice to be able to go to a quiet place to update my devices.

Out of everywhere,  Starbucks had the most reliable internet connection and the best atmosphere for reading and writing. I know this varies from location to location, so find a place that works best for you. If chips and salsa are more your style check out Chili’s.

5. Bring/have physical books!!

As any reader knows nothing beats a book in your hand. If you are like me and read a mix of digital and physical books you may not always have a physical book on you. During your time away from the interweb, keep a few with you.


Hopefully, you found these tips helpful for your journey without wifi. If you have spent some time without wifi what did you do to keep up with digital reading?



  1. Bryan Fagan

    This is something we don’t think of. The world we live in is different now. No longer do we need physical things to hold in front of us. But when we have to it can come as a shock.

    Thank you for this reminder. It was well needed.

    Liked by 1 person

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