Terrorific Spring Break Reads


Spring break is an exciting time of the year! If you are still in school, it a break from work and a taste of summer. If you are beyond school age, spring is a fun time of year to start doing outdoorsy activities.

Instead of recommending fun springy inspiration life-changing vacation reads, Lit Lemon will be celebrating a Terrorific Spring Break: Vacations gone wrong. It doesn’t matter if you are curling your toes in the sand or chilling on the sofa, these reads are vacations or destination location stories with a chilling twist.

What can you expect to see this week?

5 spooky, chilling, or thrilling recommendations with a short summary from Goodreads~ As with other similar (12 days of YA, Wintery Mix14 of RJ Retellings). There will be a picture of the book cover, from an edition I am familiar with, a summary, and my two cents.


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