We Were Brave

Karla M. Jay

wewerebrave.jpgWe Were Brave is a multi-perspective holocaust fiction. The themes are heavy, the characters excellent, and the view of America is eye-opening. I enjoy holocaust fiction and nonfiction, if you do too, I recommend you give We Were Brave a read.

Wilhelm Falk is trying to bring light to the crimes of the Nazis.

Izaak and his mother are trying to survive.

The Müller family are trying to prove they are innocent to stay in their American home.

The characters’ stories give you a detailed picture of what this war did not only to Europe and America but the world as a whole. We Were Brave is a fictionalized account of people coming together and being ripped apart by race, religion, and hate. I cannot praise Karla M. Jay enough for how well this was done.

Jay did something different with We Were Brave. We get a view of what America was like–hate crimes, war camps, the fear of suspicion. I have not come across many fiction or nonfiction works that touch on the climate of America. I highly recommend We Were Brave for that aspect alone!

Typically I complain about having to read a story from multiple views, that is not the case here. I felt a wave of relief switching between the characters. I enjoyed the different stories being told and how they came overlapped. If you dislike books written with multiple perspectives, I highly recommend giving We Were Brave a shot to ease your way into that writing style.

We Were Brave is a book you won’t want to put down but might need too. I had to take a few breaks to process the ugliness of war. I highly recommend We Were Brave, even if you don’t like this niche of fiction the perspectives offered are unique and worth reading.

Have you read We Were Brave? Do you want too? Do you read holocaust fiction?

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