Little House on the Prairie

Laura Ingalls Wilder, Illustrated by Garth Williams

Ma sighed gently and said, “A whole year gone, Charles.” But Pa answered, cheerfully: “What’s a year amount to? We have all the time there is.”

Screen Shot 2019-06-11 at 12.06.08 AMAnother read on Time’s Best 100 YA List. Little House on the Prairie is actually the second in a series of nine books based on Wilder’s childhood. Little House is informative, cute, and boring.

Laura and her family are moving west to start a new life. They are excited and anxious about what troubles they might face. A dangerous river crossing, Native Americans, a house fire, potential malaria, the winter weather, law changes…literally everything you can imagine goes wrong.

I found most of Little House on the Prairie boring, the only thing that kept me reading the slight interest I had in how the family was going to survive. I was left satisfied and somewhat curious about what lies ahead for the family, but not enough to keep reading the series.

I didn’t like this book. I do not recommend it, BUT it is cute, and I know there are some younger readers out there who will fall in love with this story. Little House is not entirely fiction because Wilder based the series off her childhood. I can’t help but appreciate how Wilder brings together facts, fiction, and folklore in her tales. There is an importance to her story and this part of American history.

If you decide to read Little House or any of the nine books in the series, I am sure you will smile and be thankful for the modern conveniences we have. If you are interested in the time and Wilder’s life you can check out the tv show Little House on the Prairie, I have found it to streaming on Amazon Prime Video and to buy in the iTunes store. I hope in time it becomes available on other streaming platforms. There are a few episodes on Youtube if you want to venture down that path.

Have you read Little House on the Prairie? Have you read all of the books? Have you watched the show?


Links to books:

Little House on the Prairie TV show–Amazon, iTunes, Youtube

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