Tunnel of Bones


Victoria Schwab

“It’s hard to believe in ghosts, until you see one, and then it’s hard not to.”

Screen Shot 2020-02-09 at 7.33.26 PMCassidy Blake is back, grounded, but back. Even though Cassidy tried to explain her actions in Scotland, it is no use. Her parents do not believe her. Even though they have some hesitation, Cassidy accompanies them on their next filming trip to Paris.

For a few seconds, it almost feels as if they are an average family. As if Cassidy and her parents are on an ordinary family vacation. But it is not a mundane trip, nor is Cassidy a mundane girl. She walks a fine line between the living and the dead, Cassidy is an in-betweener.

Cassidy is not as chipper about venturing into the Veil, nor does it seem she can control when crosses. Her hesitations of Jacob’s intentions grow, and Lara’s disapproval of their friendship hangs heavy on Cassidy’s mind. The longer Jacob stays in his ghostly form, the stronger he gets.

While in the catacombs with her parents and film crew Cassidy awakens a malicious spirit. With the guidance of Lara and the help of a new friend, Cassidy must work harder than ever to free the ghost before its malicious interactions affect not only Cassidy but all of Paris.

Tunnel of Bones adds depth to the middle-grade series. Cassidy’s relationship with Jacob is strained, Jacob’s power grows, and we are left with an ominous sense that there is darkness in Cassidy’s future. While the plot is pretty straightforward, we are given more detail on the Veil and the different types of ghouls that inhabit it. For the second book in a series, you will not be disappointed. I was frantically searching when book three would release after reading the last chapter. As I have said before, this is an exciting series, I am jealous of all the younger readers who get to enjoy this series as children.

I read Tunnel of Bones as an ebook but plan on buying the series once it is complete.

Book three in the Cassidy Blake series is Bridge of Souls and will release in September 2020 (according to Goodreads). I cannot wait!!

Have you read any books in the Cassidy Blake series? Have you read any of Victoria Schwab’s other work?

One Comment

  1. The BookWorm Drinketh

    That is a FANTASTIC COVER! I’ve never read the Cassidy Blake series… But, this makes me want to! I know that Victoria Schwab is a great author… Pretty sure I have one of her books waiting for me on my shelf… Is she the one who writes the glass & ice… Fire & ice… Whatever those books are with elements or glass. Lol! Too many of those these days. But, pretty sure I have one waiting for me!


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