The Good Reading Habits Tag

The Good Reading Habits Tag

It is so fun to be tagged in a bookish tag! It has been far too long since I have done one of these. I want to thank Daniella at The Little Book Spy for tagging me!

My Good Reading Habits

1. Carrying a book with me 
Since I mainly read ebooks, I always have access to my library. So I can read during lunch, in the car, where ever my heart desires. 
2. Managing reading time
This one is a struggle, but I try to read for at least 15 minutes each night. This helps me stick with my reading goals. AND keeps me from reading for too long at night.
3. Rating a book on Goodreads
I have not posted a review on Goodreads in some time, mainly because as much as I love the function of Goodreads, I dislike the interface of the website. SO to compromise, I rate a book as soon as I’m done reading it. I may not be posting all of my thoughts, but I am helping the book rating. 🙂
4. Limiting my book buying
Like almost every reader I know, I buy a lot of books. Around November of 2019, I slowed down the number of books I was buying and now have almost stopped completely. Once I have read the majority of books I own, I will start repurchasing books. Check out my reading here. As a reader, you have to find a balance between buying and reading.
5. Using my local library 
I love my library. If you have a library or libraries close to you, join! Most offer free ebooks for 14-day rentals. Sometimes there is a waiting list, but I have able to read many books for free. 🙂
And that’s it! Thanks for reading, I hope you share some of your reading habits.


  1. The busy shelf

    ” AND keeps me from reading for too long at night.” ooooh, thinks me who went to sleep at 2am last night xD Highly approve on always having a book on hand. My Kindle is always in my purse and I carry a paperprint in my backpack


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