Jay Kristoff

“Part of having is the fear of losing. Part of creating is the fear of it breaking. Part of beginning is the fear of your ending. Fear is never a choice. Never a choice. But letting it rule you is.”

Again, a friendly reminder the Nevernight Chronicle series is not a YA series.

Darkdawn is my favorite book of the Nevernight Chronicle trilogy. Kristoff wrote a fantastic ending. I had my suspicions of how the story would unfold, the significance of certain characters and places, but I was only grasping a fraction of what would come to be.

So what happens?

With as little spoilers as possible…Mia gets her just revenge. Through this, she discovers the truth of the darkin community, the complex story of the god and goddess, and also learns of her destiny.

I sadly cannot discuss my favorite twist or really anything without spoiling the book/series. I gasped and was hooked within the first few chapters, until the previous two books.

Should you read Darkdawn?

Like with all imaginary things (sometimes), there comes a certain point when you have to accept what is happening for the story to flow. There were a few parts of Darkdawn in which this had to be done. I do not think all readers will experience this phenomenon, but some might. That being said, Darkdawn is an excellent book. If you have read the first two books, there is no need to stop. Darkdawn felt like nonstop action, so I highly doubt you will be bored.

Very rarely is the last book in a series my favorite, something was charming about the end. It wasn’t the ending I wanted, but I was left very satisfied as a reader. I am going to go out on a limb and say, you should read only Nevernight and Godsgrave so you can read Darkdawn.

I have to end this review with one a quote from Darkdawn that perfectly fit how I feel about the story.

“The old man closed the book, looked at Niah’s chronicler with wondering eyes. ‘Holy shit,’ he breathed.”


Have you read the Nevernight Chronicle series? Have you read one of Jay Kristoff’s other books?

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