The Singing Gold

BY T.K.P. Sternberg

“People think fairy dust is some kind of ethereal spice, some powder you can simply blow into your eyes or inhale to gain the Sight. But that is not the case at all. The things that hold magic together are mostly foul and slimy and bitter,”

If you like fantasy adventure stories, The Singing Gold is for you. I love tales of dwarves, fae, trolls, enchanted /dark forest, etc. You will find elements of such whimsy in The Singing Gold.

What happens?

Stig is a simple farmer with an interesting gift. He works hard to provide for his family, but they struggle. He is worried about how he and his family will make it through the next few months.

Klara, Stig’s daughter, meets a dwarf. She guides him to meet her father where he offers Stig a job with a hefty pay out.

Stig guides a group of dwarfs through a hexed forest, he knows this the payment is far too good for this trip to be as easy as he has been led to believe it is. Stig’s gut feeling proves to be true. While he is away, his family deals with problems that unfold in his absence.

My Thoughts

I enjoyed The Singing Gold and look forward to what happens next in the series. The story was split mainly between Stig and his family. One of my favorite things about this budding series is time period it is written in. The traditional ways/old gods are still recognized but Christianity is on the rise. This is something I also liked in The Bear and the Nightingale.

While The Singing Gold is long, the tidbits of stories and information provided add life to the text. I do recommend you check out this fantasy read, be warned it is thick and full of details. The Singing Gold is a fun read that you can read over the period of a few days.

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