The Troop

By Nick Cutter

Triggers: gore and animal violence

What came out of the man’s stomach reminded Max of that. A balloon. Or as though the man’s belly had blown a funny little bubble. Expect this bubble was solid…

Sick and disgusting is the best way I can describe The Troop by Nick Cutter.

This book is not for the causal reader. If you enjoy gore, suspense, vividly disgusting details to awaken a sensory experience like no other, read The Troop by Nick Cutter.

The Troop made me question if I like horror. I put this book down a few times within the first 58 pages. 58 pages. Nothing scary had happened, it was the sickening details that made me clinch my jaw and think “gross.” See the quote below for a mildish preview.

He pinched one of the crayfish’s comical little eyes. It ruptured with a mildly satisfying pop. The texture was grainy—a tiny ball of honeycomb candy coming apart

What Happens?

A mystery man know has, the hungry man, has a hunger that cannot be satisfied. Huge meals, soil, nor Aalege, can please what swirls inside of him. He escapes to an island where unfortunately a Boy Scout troop is camping for the weekend. The troops leader, a doctor, Tim brings the man into their care. And if you have ever seen or heard of how a horror story plays out–you can figure out what happens next. Hell breaks loose….Literally out of the hungry man’s belly. 

My Thoughts?

When I tell you this is a gross book. I trust me. This books crosses over into the parts of horror genre that make your stomach churn. I don’t like to venture there. After reading The Troop, it has become very clear to me that I prefer supernatural spooks.

The Troop, minus the disgusting bits, could be a quick read it. I took many breaks, but if I hadn’t I could have finished it in a day. After each chapter there is a news clipping, article, or lab report to add more depth to the story happening “outside” the island. These were much needed breaks from the nightmare unfolding. The Troop is not a bad book if you can stomach it.

Should you read it?

Honestly no. This book is revolting. I wouldn’t recommend this book for Halloween or any time of the year. It takes a special kind of reader to seek this out for pleasure, I am not one of those readers. I am apart of a horror book club and this was our book recently. If it had not been the book of the month, I would have never read The Troop.

If you are interested in horror start elsewhere. Think to which type of scary movies you enjoy, match a book to those.

If you like movies like: The Saw series, The Hills Have Eyes, The Wrong Turn series, and others that have a simple plot with shock gore/violence you might like The Troop.


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