5 Tips for the Kindle Reader

It is no secret I am partial to Amazon’s Kindle ereader. I have had mine for a few years now and still learn new ways to take advantage of all Kindle has to offer.

1. Sign up for Daily Deals emails!

Amazon does not do a great job about advertising all the perks of their Kindle universe. One of the best things you can take advantage of as an ebook reader from Amazon is their Daily Deals email notifications.

An easy way to see which email notifications you have turned on for the Kindle Ebook store is to log on to Amazon in a web browser. Click Kindle Store. Once on the Kindle store home page, look to the side bar and you will see “More in Kindle,” the last item in that list is “Kindle Email Subscription.” CLICK IT.

Every Daily Deal book is under $3. You can also view Daily Deals by clicking into the “Kindle Book Deals” under the “Popular in Kindle” heading on the Kindle Store homepage.

2. Prime Reading Library

If you are an Amazon Prime member you need to explore this growing catalogue of books. As above, you will start on the Kindle Store homepage and click into Prime Reading.

When looking in the Prime Reading Library you will see a free ebook for Prime Readers, this is updated monthly. Something I like about the Prime Reading Library is that is not limited to just ebooks. You can read magazines and listen to audiobooks.

3. Email your Kindle

By far, this is one of the coolest perks of the Kindle. You can set up a Kindle email in your Amazon account settings. Each Kindle device gets its own email. Once you have the email, you can email PDFs and other documents to your Kindle. OR you could choose to open PDFs through the Kindle app using your phone (iPhone).

4. Annotations

Using the Kindle app or ereader, you can annotate as you read. You can do this by highlighting lines or passages of text and leaving a note. if you highlight you do not have to leave a note. This is so helpful if you are a student or enjoy taking notes while you read.

You can view all of your notes and highlights within the app under “my notebook” as well as on the kindle. One of my favorite tools hands down.

5. Change the font and themes

This is a simple yet amazing feature. Kindle offers a limited font library, but it is still a feature I enjoy. Amazon offer a bold option, large text, and an OpenDylexic font. Personally, I like to read in Helvetica or Bookerly.

While changing the font is entertaining enough for me, you can also change the theme. Changing the theme (on the kindle ereader) changes the amount of lines on the page. You can choose from compact, standard, large, or low vision. In the Kindle app, you can choose between dark and light mode on top of the line options.

6. Link your Goodreads account with your Kindle!

A bonus tip! While Goodreads seem to be a necessary evil, it is the backbone of my reading world. By far the most useful feature for the Kindle is the ability to link my Goodreads account with my Kindle. Why? Because you can mark a book as currently reading, read, and give a star rating as soon as your down reading right from the app or on my Kindle! AMAZING!

You can view you shelves and other TBR related things through the Kindle ereader. On the Kindle app you can dig a little deeper.

To view your Goodreads goodies from within the Kindle app open your Kindle app. Tap more in the bottom right hand corner —> Goodreads Shelves—>then you will be see your Goodreads stats and shelves.

Needless to say, I love my Kindle and the Kindle app. These are just a few ways I enjoy using using both. Share any Kindle tips and tricks you have!

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