Memento Mori

Jane Morris

I couldn’t fight anymore, so I sighed and gave in. I gave in to Gabriel, and I gave in to what I truly wanted


A modern-day reimagining of the lives of the Pre-Raphaelite artists and the women they painted obsessively and fiercely loved. Beautiful and strong-willed Jane meets her match in enigmatic artist Gabriel. He immediately challenges her assumptions about art, life, and love. And for Gabriel’s enormous ego, Jane represents an exhilarating yet exasperating game he refuses to lose.

When Jane’s brilliant but naïve friend Lizzie insists on accepting Gabriel’s dinner invitation, they are swept into a circle of passionate artists who reside in an old Gothic mansion. Jane embarks on a life-changing journey of desire, romance, despair, and self-discovery as she becomes the muse for Gabriel and his friend and rival, Will.

A desperate inner battle wages within Jane, who is drawn in by Gabriel’s magnetic personality and gorgeous looks, yet equally as captivated by Will’s kind heart and steadfast devotion. Underneath an immersive and dramatic world is a deeper storyline, as Jane and Gabriel can’t fight the nagging feeling that they have done this all before. Fates collide as lovers and friends become entangled in past, present, and future. An artistic, genre-crossing tale, Memento Mori will appeal to both history and romance lovers alike. Summary from Goodreads.

My Thoughts:

Memento Mori held my attention from the first few pages. I had to know what was going to happen—and continued with that excitement until the end. One of my favorite things about this book was the song suggestions for each chapter. I have not encountered a playlist built into a novel before, defiantly something I am looking in my reading from now on. It was a nice treat.

On top of the songs, I enjoyed how the chapters were short but engaging enough for me to want to keep reading. Believe me, there were a few situations I could not put the book down. I had to know how Memento Mori. I swayed between team Gabriel and team Will (the two love interest) up until the end.

Memento Mori is a fast paced historical romance. Be warned, there are many steamy scenes but they flow perfectly with the plot. If that is not something you are comfortable with, look elsewhere for your next read. That being said, I gobbled up this story on the beach while day dreaming of the character’s amazing mansion.

I do not read historical fiction/romance often so Memento Mori was a nice break from my TBR for the year. If you are looking for your next romance, look no further than Memento Mori.

I have read Morris’ other work, while this book is vastly different, I have become a dedicated reader. Can’t wait to see what is next.

Should you read Memento Mori?

Yes! If you want to spice up your reading life, check our Memento Mori.

Are you a romance reader? Do you read historical romances?

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