Top 10 Scary Movies

October is one of my favorite months. Like other Halloween lovers, I enjoy a good spook from the comfort of my home. Here are a few of my favorite scary movies.

1. The Witch

A slow-burner that won my heart the first time I watched it. This movie is unsettling but a perfect representation of the hysteria of witches/evil among the early settlers of America.

2. The Amityville Horror (2005)

The Amityville Horror movie has always spooked me. The story itself is disturbing, which flows to the screen well.

3. The Texas Chain saw Massacre (1974)

An oldie, but a good one.

4. The Conjuring

This movie sent me down a rabbit hole of Ed and Lorraine Warren inspired books, stories, and blogs. It was a fun time. I love this movie and the second one. The ones that follow are not as scary.

5. The Grudge

One of the first scary movies I can remember scaring me but having a plot I was interested in. I was nervous in the shower for weeks, worried a pale hand out attack me.

6. Paranormal Activity

This mockumentary scared me. I was never afraid of the dark, but after watching this movie I found myself ensuring the lights were on as I walked around my house at night. Paranormal Activty grew into series of films focusing on a cult summing a demon named Toby. Or something like that. Each movie was less inventive and scary, as most series go.

7. The Descent

I love love love love this movie. It is not the best horror flick out there but there is something unsettling about being trapped in a cave with monsters. I am a sucker for claustrophobic type horror.

8. Insidious

Another favorite movie that sparked a series I enjoyed. These movies are spooky with jumps scares. I like to watch these for a screams, giggles, and a goodnight’s sleep. Upon further research, I am a fan of James Wan.

9. 28 Days Later

In my 27 years, I have watched this movie maybe three times. I don’t need to watch it every again in my life. Every terrifying second of 28 Days and 28 Weeks later are burned into my brain and haunt me on a monthly bases. I know my fear of zombies stems from watching these movies. Why is it a favorite? One of the few movies to actually scare me to the point of nightmares.

10. Us

The newest movie on my list. Us is freaky and unsettling. It is a story I have not seen before, which made it more memorable. I enjoy Jordan Peele’s work in horror, I hope we see more from him.

What are your favorite scary movies?


  1. Kristina

    I love the conguring movies!! and I do have quite a memorable moment with paranormal activity- I don’t remember which one, but we were watching this when my bestfriend moved in with us for a month because of a hospital internship. and at some point the knife fell off the ceiling which made her jump xd

    Now the amityville horror… MY time to jump, which she’s still laughing about it to this day ahah I only watched a few minutes of it and I was dead scared of baths for a good while..

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  2. Charles Brock

    Oh, man. If you like the 2005 version you should check out the 1979 Amityville horror. The lower budget and cheesier special effects actually make it really unsettling at times.

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