5 Kindle Goodies Every Reader Needs

I am an Amazon junkie. This has developed from laziness and living in areas without department stores. Maybe you can relate, or just enjoy a good Amazon finds list. However you found yourself here, I have collected a list of Kindle Paperwhite accessions that every reader will enjoy.

1. Kindle Grip Case (10th & 11th Gen)

I am always on the hunt for a Kindle accessories to make reading more comfortable. I stumbled across this gem and new I had to give it a try. Mine will arrive soon, until then I can only assume this grip case is worth every penny.

What drew me to this case was the slim strap your hand fits in. I have used a popsocket before, but it made my kindle too bulk to slip in and out of my bags, purse, and pockets.

Check it out on Amazon

2. Kindle Case (11th gen)

Front of black case closed
Inside of the case
Front cover flipped behind the case
Back of the case on the Kindle

I am not brave enough to leave my kindle without a case. I had a similar sleep/wake case for my older kindle in purple and loved it! Sadly, I was unable to find a purple sleep/wake case that arrived when I needed it.

This Amazon sleep/wake case comes in black, blue, and an awful pink color. The fabric cover is nice, water resistant, but not soft. Amazon calls this “water safe fabric.” This holds true, I have spilled water on it and it wiped off easily, leaving a small damp spot that dried quickly. While it doesn’t feel soft to the touch, it does repel pug which is a huge plus.

The case itself clips onto the Kindle easily without added bulk. My Kindle does not fall out of the case, as some of the negative reviews claim happens. My favorite thing about this case, is the magnetic cover. It stays closed or attached to the back when flipped over.

This case does not have great reviews, which I do not understand. I find the price reasonable and the case nice. If you have the new Kindle Paperwhite the case is worth the buy!

Snag your own sleep/wake cover here

If you sleep/wake covers are not your thing, my second choice would be a clear case that protects the corners paired with a screen protector.

3. Remote Page Turner

I love my remote page turner. I use it almost every night. I have had it for four months and have not had to charge it, which is impressive. If you are looking for one thing to make your e-reading more comfortable, you need a remote page turner.

I have two complaints.

1. The wrist strap was near impossible to loop on the remote. I had to use thin tweezers to loop the strap onto the remote.

2. The remote only comes in one color. While black is one of my favorite colors, it makes it very easy to misplace. I would love a white option.

This page turner works with e-readers, tablets, and ipads.

Get yours on Amazon

Read my full review here

4. Reading Bean

Reading beans are a magical pillow designed to support your book/ereader while you are reading. I love my reading bean. I have an older cover that is notebook paper, but they are always releasing new collections so you can get a new cover at anytime. You will not find these on amazon, instead you can shop the full collection on http://www.bookbeau.com.

Pick your Reading Bean here!

5. The Comfy Blanket Hoodie

I have had my eye on one of these babies for over a year. I finally ordered one (heather purple). I have seen these and similar products in stores, but wanted to pick from all of their available colors/styles online. This wearable blanket is perfect for watching tv, reading, or just wearing around the house. If you are crafty, you could probably sew a personalized version.

Pick your Comfy here!

Products Recommended but not necessary

I plan to upgrade to these recommended accessories once I forgive Amazon for not including then with the Kindle. Until then, I will continue to use my IPad charger.

Kindle Charging Block 9W

This one really grinds my gears. I hate that this is the recommend charging block for the new Kindle Paperwhite( 11th gen). It is NOT included with the kindle. I use my phone’s charging block, but plan to upgrade to this one in the future. When I can get over the fact I have to buy this separate.

Find it here.

Kindle Charging Cord (11 gen)

Like above, why is the USB C cord not included with the Kindle if I need it. You likely have a USB C charger cord laying around your house. If not, you can easily order one from Amazon.

Grab your USB C cord here.

Hope you found something that caught your eye! It is always fun shopping for reading goodies.

As an Amazon Associate I may make a commission on links in this post.


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