Lit Lemon Books Blogiversary: 5 Tips for Book Bloggers

Each year I try to reflect on a few things about book blogging. I feel like I could do a million things better, and I am always learning how to improve this and that. So here are five simple tips for how to run a book blog.

5 Tips for Book Bloggers

  1. Be honest in your reviews, but remain respectful to the author.
  2. Read what you want to read and how you want to read. Hard copies, special editions, ebooks, or audiobooks are all valid forms of reading.
  3. Share content that matters to you.
  4. Start with one platform and branch out. You may not like every social media you experiment with.
  5. Interact with the book community. This could be sharing someone’s post, leaving a comment, or talking on social media.


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