A Year Without Books: July Wrap-Up

SIX MONTHS of reading from libraries!

I cannot believe we are halfway through 2022. This has been an interesting experience. If you have access to a library, run to get a library card and check out the e-collection as well as their hardcopy selection.

What I have learned this month:

  1. Every library is different, but most have a larger e-collection.
  2. Most libraries have three or so ebook copies of a title.
  3. Libraries allow members to request titles to be added to the library! Take advantage of this!! If you do not see a list or email address to send titles to, ask!
  4. Reading from libraries is free, but it comes at the cost of waiting for titles to become available and choosing from the selection of books available at your library.
  5. You can use your library’s website to browse their collection. If a title is available, the website will say how many copies are available, how many are available to borrow, and how many of ebooks, audiobooks, and physical mp3 audiobooks copies they have. One of my libraries has a huge collection of mp3 audiobooks, while the other only has two shelves.
  6. When in doubt, go check out books in person.
  7. You can check out more books in person than you can with e-books.


  1. Kristina

    I definately need to go more physically to my library; but I was honestly shocked at how decent their libby was! And a pretty nice selection of rather new books too- but we only have one of each.

    Definately my favorite way to get audiobooks! So much more accessible than elsewhere, without costing too much – and you get previews !!! Im picky with my voice actors, so that’s absolutely lovely.


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