12 Bookish Gifts for the readers in your life

The holiday season is an exciting time of gift exchanges between family and friends. You might be overwhelmed shopping for a reader, feeling the pressure of picking a book they might like or haven’t read. If you do not have their TBR handy, here is a list of 12 things a bookish person will enjoy!

12 Gift Ideas for Readers

Ring Book Page Holders

There are so many different types of ring book page holders online. I fancy this two-piece dried flower set but have seen a variety of designs. I do not read hardcopy books often, but when I do I can’t wait to use these!!

Link to browse dried flower ring page holder

Link to browse wooden ring page holder

Sprout Green Bookmarks

If you have a bookish plant lover in your life, they need these adorable seedling bookmarks. They are available in a four-leaf clover sprout and a normal sprout design (as seen in the picture). Each pack comes with six sprout bookmarks!

Link to pick your sprouts

Mini Sword Bookmarks

At this point, I am not sure if this is a gift list for bookish people or myself. These sword bookmarks are perfect when reading a weapon-heavy fantasy novel. If this is the gift for the reader in your life, I recommend adding a piece of ribbon or something similar in the small loop before using one as a bookmark. In this pack, you get 30 mini- weapons to use for bookmarks!

Link to order sword bookmarks

Remote Page Turner for Kindle

All bookish people who read e-books need this device. A remote page-turner is one of the best accessories you can buy for an e-reading device. This remote works with kindles, tablets, and Ipads! I am head over heels in love with mine, and cannot recommend it enough to everyone who reads e-books. You can read my full review —> here.

Link to order a remote page-turner

Banned Book Mug

Most if not all readers enjoy a warm treat while reading. Why not treat a reader in your life with a banned book-themed mug! Not sure if that is their style? This shop has a few different bookish designs to pick from, there is bound to be one that is perfect!

Link to Banned Book mug

Reading Log Journal

Make tracking reading simple and easy with this basic reading log journal. What I love about this simple reading log, is that the cover is exactly what the pages look like inside. It is a quick place to jot down your ideas. If you have a reader/reviewer in your life, they need this simple reading log! I will be ordering myself one of these this year ❤

Link to order the reading log journal

Gift a limited Audible membership!!

Did you know you can gift an Audible membership?? I didn’t! You can buy an Audible membership gift card to last 1 month for $15, 3 months for $45, 6 months for $90, or 12 months for $150.

If your reading loved one already has an Audible membership, you can gift them credits by using the same gift membership selection. They will be gifted credits and their existing membership will not be interrupted.

Link to gift an Audible membership

Top 100 Books Scratch Off Poster

I was gifted a very similar poster one year from a loved one. I loved it! If you have a reader in your life who loves challenges, this is the gift for them! One of my favorite things about this poster is once you are down scratching off the titles you can hang it in a protective poster frame like a trophy.

Link to order top 100 books poster

The Comfy Dream

I LOVE MY COMFY DREAM HOODIE! Buy one for yourself and your loved ones! There is nothing better than cuddling up in a Comfy while reading, watching tv, or enjoying a cup of tea. I loved mine so much I bought one for many of my friends.

Link to the amazing Comfy hoodie

Folding Book Light

Every reader needs a folding book lamp. The book cover is wooden adding a natural feel when the book lamp is closed. I am obsessed with how this looks on the shelf, it brings a warm and cozy feel to your reading space. I think any bookish person would love to have this nearby while curling up with their latest read.

Link to buy folding book lamp

ACOTAR Custom Book Stamp

An ACOTAR custom name book stamp! This paritruclar shop has a few designs to choose from, but this one caught my eye. If you have an ACOTAR fan on your gift list, this might be the perfect gift for them.

Link to customize your book stamp

Library Book Embosser

This library book embosser can be customized for a special person in your life, or yourself ;). I have seen a few bookish people use a simple embosser on Instagram and the results are amazing. If you have a reader in your life who is looking to bring their library to the next level, this is the gift for them.

Link to order your custom book page embosser


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