10 Bookish Travel Items I cannot travel without

When planning for a trip, I immediately grab a few items. After my last flying nightmare I thought it was time to share my favorite things. And yes, I did write this while I was stranded in the Dallas airport. If you are reading this while in the Dallas airport, walk over to Twisted Root and grab a cheeseburger and Topo Chico.

1. A Travel Tote

I adore my quilted tote. I use it for traveling as well as my work bag. I love that I can easily wipe down the outside and that is it a flexible fabric. Not only does it fit anywhere, but looks adorable. I can easily fit my laptop, iPad, kindle, chargers, a book, water bottle, and a small cross body in this bag. It is simply amazing. I do not use the cross body strap.

Con: when I took it out of the bad it had a plastic smell, but it went away within a day or two.

Find it on Amazon here.

2. An E-Reader

I mainly read on my Kindle, I cannot image life without it. There are a few different e-readers on the market. I like my Kindle Paperwhite for a few reasons outside of the obvious fact I can bring hundreds, if not thousands, of books with me. There are a few models of Kindles to pick from, I recommend the Kindle Paperwhite.

Read more about the Kindle Paperwhite here.

The best time to buy any Amazon product is during Prime Day deals, Black Friday, or Cyber Monday. I do not recommend buying a Kindle from Unclaimed Baggage, just wait for a Sale on Amazon.

*pictures with a Kindle Remote Page Turner*

2. A Kindle Case

My absolutely favorite Kindle case is the basic Amazon magnetic cover case. I love it because it is light and protects the Kindle from every angle. The only draw back is that this particular model is made from a material that is slightly water resistant, so stickers do not stick to this case. I had the same case for my first Kindle and knew it was the one I would for my new Kindle. I cannot recommend it enough.

Find it on Amazon here.

If fabric cases aren’t your style, my only other recommendation is a clear kindle case that products the corners and edges. This version allows you to decorate with stickers or put Polaroids under the case.

Find it on Amazon here.

3. Kindle Page Turner

I struggle to read my Kindle comfortably without my Kindle remote page turner. It is a life changing device. It has an amazing battery life and takes up little space in your bag. I keep my page turner in a book sleeve with my Kindle when traveling.

Find it on Amazon here.

Check out my review of the Kindle page turner!

4. Book Light

I do not travel with physical books often, but when I do I bring along this gem. A book light that not only has a great travel case, it also can stand on its on. Perfect to clip around you when reading on the plane, or on the book itself.

Find it on Amazon here.

5. A Book Sleeve

**Book sleeves change seasonally, if you see one you like buy it!**

If you follow me, you know I am not a hard copy reader. In the rare case I bring a hard copy with me, it MUST be protected at all cost. No better way than a cute book sleeve. You can sure Amazon for a sleeve that fits your needs, but I recommend snagging this goodie from the bookish community.

BookishlyVintage is my go to for book sleeves! Since I rarely carry a hard copy with me, I mainly use mine to carry my kindle and a small notepad.

Find BookishlyVintage on Etsy here and on Twitter @sophasof.

6. Blue Light Glasses

I wear prescription glasses with blue light lens, very similar to the picture. The blue light lens have been a lifesaver when it comes to reading on my phone, iPad, or computers. They also have made my day-to-day work life that much better! In the wonderful world we live in, you can find non-prescription blue light glasses to help your eyes during long periods of screen time. IF I did not wear glasses, I’d snag some of these. They come in many colors and styles.

Find on Amazon here.

7. Battery Pack

There is nothing worse than your phone or Kindle dying while in the airport. Do not go on a trip without a battery pack. There are so many to pick from in today’s market, find one that you fancy.

My go to is the Otterbox Power Pack. It has two ports, one is a USB so you can charge just about anything. Newer models of this power pack offer wireless charging. What I love most about this Otterbox Power Pack is that it has a long battery life and it can take a beating, from hiking trails to airports this bad boy is my ride or die.

Find it on Amazon here.

8. Water Bottle

Water or any drink in an airport is expensive. I always bring my water bottle when traveling in general, but never forget it when flying. You will need to bring it empty to pass through security. Once you are through, you can fill up your water bottle at any water station OR take it to the nearest Starbucks. There are so many water bottles to pick from, find one that fits you needs.

I have two water bottles that have lasted me years, a Yeti and a Hydro flask. Of the two, the Hydro flask is my favorite.

Click here to browse Hydroflask bottles.

How is this a bookish travel need?? STICKERS. We love our bookish stickers, and there is no better place than to put them on a water bottle. A great conversation starter when traveling.

**I am too lazy to take pictures of these products in my day-to-day life**

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