7 Perks of Your Local Library


If you are not using your local library you need to run down and get a card!! Beyond access to online content through apps like Overdrive, Libby, and Hoopla your library has a lot to offer. Below are seven perks you of your library.

1. Access to internet/wifi

There have been countless times my home internet was down, or I needed a place to study with the internet connection. Look no further than your local library.

2. Study rooms

A nice quiet place to study that better than locking yourself in your room when you need to get work done. Most libraries have study room or a study area that is off to the side or hidden away. A FREE service! You will have to have a library card with the library to reserve a room in advance, but you should be able to use them without a card.

3. Computer, printers, copies, and faxing

You can do so much more than check out books at your library! You can print (in color or black and white), makes copies, and send faxes for a few cents.

4. media outside of books

Audiobooks, manga, graphic novels, DVDs, CDs, and video games! Your local library has it all! I recently went to a library that had over 600 manga/graphic novels. I was amazed; I had never seen a collection so extensive in a library.

5. Test prep books

I discovered this hidden secret too late to benefit from it genuinely, so I hope someone can benefit from this! Your local library has test prep books for SAT, ACT, GRE, and many more. I have seen nursing books, teaching certification exam study books, and ASVAB test prep books. The study books may not be the newest, but many are still relevant! You could save yourself $60 easily because test prep books are expensive. Sadly, you cannot check these books out.

6. Book sales

If your local library is anything like the ones around me, your library most likely has a fundraiser book sale. I got three favorite YA novels for $2. Take advantage of this!

7. Access to databases

If you are a student, you know the struggle of finding access to databases outside of your school. Sometimes you can’t access the web pages without being on campus. It is a struggle bus situation. Look no further than your local library! Yes, most have given you access to databases that are extremely helpful for research.

8. A Rare gem, 3D printing

I am a member of five libraries. Two have 3D printing. 3D printing is a rarer feature, but you could speak to your local library to see if they have an interest in gaining a 3D printing machine. It cost $3-5 per item printed.

Does your library offer any services you use? Are you a member of a library?


  1. Kacey Lewis

    The Seattle Public Libraries offer adult tutoring so people can earn their GED or help with their English skills. They also offer classes on Photoshop, Excel, resume building, and other classes like tax prep. There’s also I mean, their services are never ending. I love the library, so, much!

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