6 Steps to Becoming a Reader

6 Steps to Becoming a Reader

2019 is fresh and new, you probably have goals and ambitions for the new year. I plan to read 100 books this year. There will be oodles of other bookish bloggers who have similar goals, but what about those who want to become a reader this year?

How do you become a reader? Is it possible? Are we born readers? In short, anyone can become a reader. Below are 6 easy to follow steps to becoming a reader~

1. Read what you watch.

A tip, trick, reading hack, whatever you want to consider this. Look at what you like to watch: What movies are you watching? Tv series? What genre of entertainment do you enjoy? What are your favorite movies/shows? More often than you’d think, the movies and shows your enjoy are based on books. If not, you know what type of entertainment you like (action, drama, fantasy, romance) to pick a book in that genre.

Most recently, I read/watched The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. Before that, I binged watched Game of Thrones and then read the series it is based on, A Song of Ice and Fire. This method works best if you choose a tv show/movie you really enjoy.

2. Audiobooks are your friends!

I am still learning about the audiobook world, but do not be ashamed to start here! Reading can be intimating.

Audiobooks are easy to incorporate into daily life. Why? You can multitask while you listen, it is magical! You can listen to them in the car, while working out, or anytime or place where you would listen to music. If you don’t think you will make time to read, listening is the next best step.

A friend, who is easing their way into the reading world, listened to over 8 books in one month by replacing music with audiobooks on his daily commute to work.

There are various apps you can use to listen to audiobooks. If you want to listen to current books, Audible is your best bet. If you’re going to listen to classics, Librivox is a free app with 100% free content. If you join your local library, they will have audiobook you can borrow as well.

3. Join your local library.

If you are not a member of your local library, you need to go join asap. You will need proof of residency, so take a piece of mail or your car insurance car to prove you live in the area. Some libraries don’t ask for proof, others are very strict about this. Be prepared.

You can do so much more than borrow books from a library! Most libraries use apps like Overdrive, Libby, or Hoopla to allow members to borrow digital content. So you can borrow ebook, audiobooks, and more depending on your library from the comfort of your home using your cell phone or tablet. SO you can test out those audiobooks and books for FREE before you buy something you might not like. You will be allowed to borrow content for 14 days or so, keep that in mind.

4. Don’t start with the classics.

I love love love classic reads, but because I enjoy the classics doesn’t mean everyone does. If you are not a reader, do not jump in with the classics. You might love it, but most likely you will hate it. The writing is dated and hard to get through at times. If you want to start with the classics, listen to audiobooks.

5. Don’t limit yourself to the traditional novel.

Readers read more than novels and series, so don’t limit yourself to just books either! If you are a fan of Marvel or DC movies, read the comics. If you are an anime watcher, check out manga. Here is a list of legal ways to read manga if you do not want to buy each copy. There are a few apps available for apple and android devices, a popular one is Zingbox. I am guilty of reading manga at my local bookstore, I buy if I really enjoy the series. If you are lucky, your local library might have manga.

If those aren’t your style check out short stories, articles, newspapers, or magazines. Being a reader doesn’t mean just reading books.

6. Read what you want!

This is a motto/rule I live and read by. If I start a new book and I do not like, I do not finish it. Do not feel obligated to finish anything you do not like! Drop it, return it, don’t look back. If you only want to listen to audiobooks, do it. Only want to read and listen to material from your library because it is free, do it. Only want to use programs through Amazon, do it.

Read how you want to and what you want too. What works for me, or anyone, may not work for you. It will take a little time, but you will find your way and join the reading community.

Welcome to the reading world!


Do you have any tips you would add for a new reader?


  1. Karen Bradshaw

    These are great tips for new readers. I love to read and always have but I know for some it’s difficult to get into and these are some great ways t start. I totally agree with not starting with the classics too!

    Liked by 1 person

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