The Merciless

Danielle Vega

“I expect more knives, but Riley pulls out a wooden cross. Suddenly something clicks. ‘This is an exorcism.'”


It wasn’t the pentagram on the front cover that caught my attention, but the bright pink color of the book. The back of the book is vague, I didn’t care. “Forgive us, father, we have sinned.” It was enough to hook me and hopefully you too. I promise you probably haven’t read a hot pink book like this one. If gore, slasher type violence, and possible demonic activity irk you look elsewhere for your next read.

Sofia is a military brat starting over at yet another new place. She has a troubling past of her own, you’ll have to read to know more. Her mom has unpacked the house almost perfectly and her grandmother is settling in nicely. Or well, as nicely as a bedridden woman can. Sofia’s grandmother honestly gave me creepy vibes. She has fond memories of her Grandmother and admires her faith. Sofia care for her dearly, I can’t help but wonder what larger role she plays.

Sofia is aching to fit in and make friends…to be normal. A new place and a fresh start are what she thinks she needs to build solid roots in her new home. Unfortunately, fate has other plans. Sofia walks into the vicious local teenage drama that is amplified or caused by evil- you get to decide. The Merciless was a wild read. You will be left wondering if we all have a little darkness inside.

I wanted to read something spooky for the spooky season, The Merciless did not disappoint. I recommend The Merciless to horror readers, thriller seekers, those who enjoy gritty teenage gore. I am definitely trying to wrap this up so I can start book two, don’t worry it is a series of four.

Will, you read The Merciless? Have you read it? Were you enchanted by the hot pink book?


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