Month of the Military Child


April is a special time for military brats because it is Month of the Military Child. It is the one time during the year military communities around the globe celebrate military children. I am a military brat and continue to live the military life as a spouse, it is an exciting and challenging lifestyle.

If you would like to support military children wear purple and welcome military families into your community. To celebrate, I searched my library and the internet to give you a military brat reading list……which was easier said than done.

1. Let’s Be Legends by Sean Fesko

I was shocked when this short story arrived in my life. It is so rare to find a good story featuring a military brat. Let’s Be Legends dives a whole level deeper into the life and struggles of a military family.

2. The Merciless by Danielle Vega

I am hesitant to put this wild YA on this list, but the main character is an Army brat. The military life theme is briefly touched on but is an aspect of Sofia’s life. The Merciless is a four-book series.

3. Books for Military Children

After googling different phrases I came across a blog called Books for Military Children, it was created by a military spouse who is a librarian. The blog does not seem to be updated often, but they have a pretty lengthy list of books about military children/life.

4. Nonfiction/Memoirs

Here is a list of nonfiction/memorish books about military brats. I have not read any books from this list, nor am I familiar with them.


I am disappointed in the lack of YA about this subject. I hope in the future more titles will pop up. There are more books about military life, but not nearly as many about military children. If you come across any YA that mentions a military brat/military life let me know!

Know of any titles I am missing?

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