Zombie Reads I won’t Read


I had planned a week, seven reads, of zombie fun. Sadly, I chickened out and it didn’t happen. Why? Zombies are my #1 fear. I have a few experiences that have changed my soul. 1. My parents took my to hall-o-scream at sea world when I was young and zombies chased me. 2. I saw the Dawn of the Dead trailer in theaters, linked here, because I covered my eyes too late. 3. I watched 28 Days Later.

I have read two zombies books! World War Z and Warm Bodies. There was a very drastic difference between the two. I could read something similar to Warm Bodies and be okay, but never never never anything like World War Z.

Here is the list of books I planned to read but didn’t. I am hoping you guys have read these books and can tell me which are worth the nightmares.

1. Girl With All the Gifts by M. R. Carey

I bought this book and planned on buying the second book, Boy Under the Bridge, as well but it wasn’t in stock at the time. GWATG was adapted into a french film I believe, trailer here. I have read amazing things about both.

2. The Serpent and the Rainbow By Wade Davis

A nonfiction book about Dr. Wade Davis and his adventures exploring the truth of voodoo culture and his studies of zombies. I will be more inclined to read this one, if any off this list.

3. The Infects by Sean Beaudoin

I checked this book out from the library. I kept if for about a week and looked at the cover. I read the first few pages and reviews on Goodreads. I like to eat chicken soooooooo probably not reading this one.

4. Undead by Kirsty Mckay

The first in a zombie series. I don’t know much about it, which it what made it appealing to me (minus the zombies).

5. Dread Nation by Justina Ireland

I have read amazing reviews of Dread Nation. I have almost convinced myself this one is in the safe zone, but I am not sure.

6. The Zombie Survival Guide: Complete Protection from the Living Dead by Max Brooks

Why? Because I somehow read World War Z, the sequel to this popular read. I don’t see myself ever reading this book. WWZ gave me the worst nightmares and was truly a terrifying read. SO…probably won’t be picking The Zombie Survival Guide up, even though it might help me cope with my fears because it is a survival guide?

7. The Reapers are the Angles by Alden Bell

Another series I stumbled upon on Goodreads. It sounds really good! One reviewer compared it to The Road, which I read and found haunting. That one reviewer sparked my interest but my irrational fear says other wise.

SO has anyone read these zombie books?

If so please tell me which are least scary on this list so I may read one. I might finish it before next October. I wish I could say my fear is a joke. It is very real. I don’t watch zombie movies or zombie anything. I want to give the books a chance for the sake of literature. It is silly to have a fear hold you back from doing what you love.

Do you enjoy zombie reads? What are you favorite zombie reads? Tell me below!


  1. Norrie

    I read The Girl With all the gifts. I really enjoyed it. I don’t often read zombie books, but this was good. Not too many zombies either as far as i remember.

    I really liked the movie 28 days later too.

    Want to read World War Z at one point 😃

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  2. Shyla Fairfax-Owen

    I like 28 Days Later, but I haven’t read any of these. I think the only Zombie book I read was Handling the Undead (John A. Lindqvist). It’s atypical – a slow and emotional story leading up to a zombie outbreak. It follows an old man who, upon realizing the dead are mysteriously rising, digs up his late grandson and stays by his side, praying he opens his eyes just so he can be with him again. Very interesting!


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