Why Do You Need Kindle Unlimited??


What exactly is Kindle Unlimited?

Kindle Unlimited is a subscription plan offered through Amazon. You pay $9.99 a month and can read as many ebooks and digital magazines as you want for no extra charge as long as they are in the Kindle Unlimited library. You can borrow up to ten titles at a time and return them when you are finished.

There are a few different ways to pay, which is pretty interesting. I think Amazon had the reader in mind. You can pay monthly or prepay for a certain period of time. I think this is perfect for the reader who might be traveling for a month or more and needs a few books to read. OR a great gift for the reader in your life.

Read below for four reasons why you should give it a try a free 30-day trial~

1. You have access to thousands of titles

Your content may be limited, but no one can deny you will not run out of books to read. They may not all interest you, but there will always be something you haven’t read.

2. Popular titles at a flat price

Missed out on reading Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, or The Handmaid’s tale? Look no further than Kindle Unlimited if you want to save a little cash, you pay $9.99 and catch up on your reading. There are a few other popular books, but not many. If you are a quick reader, this is a cheap way to read.

3. Digital content takes up no space

I love love love that ebooks can go everywhere with me. Kindle Unlimited is great for the traveler, avid reader, or Kindle device owner. How else can you carry ten books with you no matter where you are going?

4. No library or bookstore, no problem

If you do not live near a library or bookstore worry no more. For $9.99 you can have a digital library at your fingertips with no late fees all available on our phone, tablet, computer, or Kinde device. The future is now~

Too good to be true?

IF you have access to a library, a bookstore, or Amazon Prime I don’t see a reason to have Kindle Unlimited. Unless you have a Kindle device. With your Amazon Prime account, you have access to “prime reading eligible” ebooks. This is a perk of having a prime account. Many of the Kindle Unlimited titles and Prime Reading titles overlap.

There are some popular titles in the Kindle Unlimited library, but if you are an avid reader you have probably already read most of them. You will mainly be picking from indie authors, which there is nothing wrong with. If you are wanting to read recent releases, this is not for you. 

I love that you can have ten ebooks out at one time. I like reading multiple books at once, so this works out great for me. BUT I do like to own the majority of my reading material. I borrow books but end up buying most of the books I want to read.

I did a mini experiment. If the Kindle Unlimited had at least half one of my “Recommended me to me” reading list I would subscribe. 

  1. The Cloak Society
  2. The Blackthorn Key
  3. Piecing Me Together
  4. American Street
  5. Darkest Mind series
  6. Starfish
  7. The Belles
  8. Tyler Johnson Was Here
  9. Dread Nation
  10. Saints and Misfits
  11. Allegedly
  12. Moxie
  13. City of Ember series
  14. Not Your Perfect Mexican Daughter
  15. The Line Becomes a River: Dispatches From the Border
  16. The Serpent and the Rainbow
  17. Psycho: A Novel
  18. It
  19. A House of My Own: Stories From My Life

I was shocked to find none of these titles were available through Kindle Unlimited. Thus, Kindle Unlimited is not for me. There are books I want to read that are in the Kindle Unlimited library, but not enough of them for me to subscribe. I have an Amazon Prime account, so I use Prime Reading.

I asked around within my reading community and very few of my friends subscribe to Kindle Unlimited. Some are very interested but do not like the limited library. Friends who do subscribe love that they have lots of indie authors at their fingertips.

Too good to be true? Depends on your situation, Kindle Unlimited is not for me, but it is a wonderful program that you should look into if you have do not have access to a library, bookstore, or just really love ebooks. 

Are you a member of Kindle Unlimited? Would you recommend it to a friend?


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