Are Online Book Clubs Worth It?

online bookclubs

There are MANY online bookclubs a reader can join to get books at a discounted/cheaper price. I have joined a few to get books and was able to save money, but is this always the case?

What are online book clubs?

Basically, they are subscription based membership programs. You pay a certain price for a membership or per book for a set period and get discounted books in return.

How do they work?

More or less, all clubs work the same. On your first order, you will get anywhere from 2-8 books for around $10-15. After that, you will either have to commit to a subscription plan for a set period or to buy 6-8 books within a year.

I have joined two book clubs Double Day and Early Moments.

Double Day

When I joined Double Day, I was able to pick 5 books for $15 and then had to commit to buying 6 more books within 6 months. I looked at a few book clubs before committing to Double Day, all had a limited selection of YA/fiction books I wanted to read.

Once I joined, I was able to get the whole series of A Song of Ice and Fire in HARDBACK for $15. I picked out Stephen King hardback books to fulfill my membership then canceled. Canceling my membership was not easy–be warned.

If you are hunting for specific series or hardback copies of books, online book clubs like Double Day might be the easiest way to find them for an affordable price. But the limited selection of their catalog and the long wait once the books have been shipped was not great.

Early Moments

Early Moments is a fantastic deal if you have young readers or are trying to build your library of early reader books. I was able to get 8 hardback books for $15, after that I committed to three more boxes of 3-4 hardback books. Each was priced around $20 and had at least one activity book.

One feature I really like about Early Moments was the monthly emails. Before a box shipped and you were charged you were able to see what was going to be in the box. If you don’t like what is coming that month, you can skip the box.

YA Book Boxes

There are many book boxes to choose from. As a YA reader, I do not see YA book boxes being worth the money for me. I can understand many readers enjoy the surprise and bookish merch.

Are online book clubs worth your money?

IF you do are not able to buy books or bookish things where you live, online book clubs and boxes are perfect for you. If you are a YA reader and want to stay current with new reads and cool trinkets, you should look into book boxes. If your local library or bookstore does not carry a wide variety of books and you do not read ebooks, consider these programs.

If you have younger readers in your life, book clubs are a must!

If you are a young adult reader, book boxes are a hit or miss.

  • If you have a bookstore near you or a place that sells books you can probably skip these UNLESS you want the bookish goodies.

If you are an adult reader, proceed into the online book club world with caution.

  • If you are not reading from established authors or like to read lots of near releases these programs are not for you.
  • Look into Kindle Unlimited and Prime Reading if an online book club interest you, both are ebooks only.



Are you a member of book boxes or online reading clubs? What book boxes do you like?

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