10 Bookish Pet Peeves

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Like any reader I have a pet peeves, it almost seems completely inhumane not to have some. If you are unsure what a pet peeve is, it is anything someone finds annoying. Here is a quick list of my top 10 bookish pet peeves~

1. Multiple point-of-views

I HATE THIS. I strongly dislike that this is becoming a trend. I don’t mind if this is done with letters or text messages within a chapter, but chapter to chapter drives me bonkers. I can handle is it is two characters, but even then I am not happy. This is purely a reading preference/pet peeve of mine. I like reading from one perspective when there is more than one I struggle to keep an interest in the story. This is by far my number one pet peeve. I do read classics and have noticed many are written in a similar style, but I still feel the same way. Please, let’s make this stop. 

2. Cover art doesn’t match across platforms

I am unhappy when the cover art doesn’t match across platforms (ebooks/physical/audiobooks)! Why does this happen? I feel like my collection is not complete because the books do not match. I am that awful reader who will buy a series half in physical book and half ditigal. Why? Because I don’t always want to lug books around.

3. Styled edges of pages

This does NOT enhance my reading experience. If anything it makes it harder to turn the pages. While this does make hardcover books look cool, I would rather have standard pages. I don’t mind if the pages are colored. Usually, that makes the book look nicer.

4. Special edition copies

I love a good special edition as well as the next reader, but how soon is too soon? I have seen recent reads that were published recently with special editions. I do not understand this. Call me old-fashioned, but I think special editions should be reserved for special occasions.

5. Font/awkward spacing

This is a two in one pet peeve. I strongly dislike when books have a small font size or font that is similar to handwriting. It is exhausting to read a book with either of these. Tiny font depends typically on the edition of book you have, but the use of handwriting type fonts is across all publications. I like the idea of different fonts, but most of the time it is hard to read for long periods. On the same note, books with awkward spacing.

6. The first book in a series is paperback/hardback, but the rest of the series isn’t.

Why is this a thing??? It does not happen as often as it used too, but when it does it is almost a deal breaker for me. Example: I had a paperback Twilight, but the rest of the series was in hardpack. Maybe I am an unlucky book buyer, but publishing books like this is a sin. Related to this pet peeve: box sets before the series is complete. WHY DO PUBLISHERS DO THIS??

7. No chapters

Sections like part one, part two, part three will make me put a book down. I like to read a few chapters at a time. I feel if I stop in the middle of a section I am midstory or midthought. BUT I would rather read a book with no chapters over one with multiple point-of-views.

8. No quotation marks

I have no idea why this is even a style choice. It makes reading dialogue confusing and uninteresting. I have to ask myself is this a thought or is someone talking?? I have read fiction and nonfiction that has been guilty of this. Why? Does anyone know?

9. Movie poster covers

I hate them. I understand it is a marketing technique, but to me, it takes away from the book/story. I will not buy or gift a book if it has the movie poster as the cover. I will protest until the day I die. If I am gifted a book with a movie cover, there is a 99% chance I will buy a non-movie cover copy.

10. dog-eared pages.

It is cruel and unusual punishment for all parties involved, maybe a deadly sin. It hurts my heart to see people dog-ear pages because you can use almost anything other than the page itself as a bookmark!


Do you have any pet peeves that are not on my list? Disagree with one of my pet peeves? Have one I didn’t list? Tell me below!


  1. Read This

    I enjoy reading from multiple points of view. I like to see how both characters react to the situation at hand, I will say there are moments when I feel the thought of one character hasn’t been completed, and the new perspective is thrown at us forcing us to continue on. Oh, and the cover art not coinciding with the entire series is so irritating lol.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. litlemonbooks

      I know there are lots of readers who enjoy multuple POV, I am most likely in the minority with my dislike. I have read a few books where I did enjoy the POVs, but normally I don’t. Maybe in the future, this will change, but I doubt it 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    1. litlemonbooks

      I read No Country For Old Men, I believe it is this book, and there was no quoation marks. It took me a awhole summer. It was also my summer reading for school LOL….needless to say I ended up watching the movie and asking friends about the differences.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Jenna @ Bookmark Your Thoughts

    UGH! I cannot stand books with no chapters. Like really…WHERE DO I STOP?! I’m the chapter kind of reader, where I pause (if needed) after the end of a chapter. If they’re no chapters, I can’t stop…and sometimes I just need a break.

    I have an EXTREMELY hard time with multiple POV books. The only one I seem to like well enough is “Six of Crows”. And even then, it’s taking me forever to read the sequel since I just feel like there’s too much information from all of these POVs to remember.

    Great list!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Bryan Fagan

    As a writer this is important. I need to know what works and what doesn’t. I wish I saw more lists like this. An author has one job: To entertain and if we’re doing something wrong we’re doing a bad job.

    Huge thanks on this.

    Liked by 1 person

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