5 Affordable Ways to Read Ebooks

Affordable Ebooks

I got a Kindle Paperwhite for my birthday/Christmas gift. Since fully joining the e-reader community I have been on the hunt for affordable ways to get ebooks. Let’s be honest, while ebooks are cheaper than physical books the price still adds up.

1. Amazon Daily Deals Emails


We have to accept as readers that Amazon is a great source. Yes, yes I know Amazon could be driving bookstores into the ground, but their ebook deals are amazing.

I get daily emails of deals of the day. I have gotten best sellers and lesser known titles for around .99-2.99 a piece.

When you are going to buy a book or ebook there should be a checkbox similar to the one shown above. Check that box!!!

If you are an Amazon Prime member you have access to Prime reading. You get to read ebooks from the Prime Reading library for no extra charge as long as you are a Prime member. You can keep the book for as long as you want but can only have so many “checked out” at a time. IMG_6812

Another perk of being a Prime member is Amazon First Reads. I signed up for the emails on my kindle not too long ago and I am awaiting more information. The perks of being a prime member seem to be never-ending!

2. Goodreads Deal Alerts

Goodreads sadly doesn’t send out deal alerts as often as Amazon but when they do it is from one of your shelves. I like that, but rarely end up buying the ebook because the price is not always a “deal.”

3. BookBub.com 

I do not visit this webpage nearly as often as I should. Why? Amazon’s daily deals are awesome and spot on to what I am reading that I don’t need to go searching often. This website is a huge catalog of free and cheap ebooks! You click the title and transported to the website where the book is on sale. Pretty cool resource.

A huge plus: They have an app.

4. The Classics

I keep writing about it…sorry not sorry! The classics are either free or dollar! You can search for free editions in the Kindle store on Amazon OR through iBooks. There are various websites online that offer classic ebooks for frrrreeeeeeeeeeeee. One of my favorite websites to get classics from is Gutenberg.org.

5. Libraries

I will always promote libraries. You may have to wait for your ebook to be checked to you, but it is free. I am currently a member of 4 libraries, each give 14 days to read digital content. One library allows you to join a waiting list, you will receive an email when the ebook is available for you to read. I use my local libraries and Amazon deals the most!

Ebooks are affordable

You will have to put in a little more work, but ebooks are more affordable than physical books. I do still enjoy a physical book, but the price and the limited number of stores that sell books make it difficult to find books in person.

If you are ready to jump into digital reading there are a few membership programs you can join if buying books individually isn’t your style. However you choose to read, I hope you enjoy it!


Are you an ebook reader? What websites do you use to get the best deals on ebooks?


      1. Shalini

        True, in my country we don’t have libraries and for affordable books only kindle… I am part of kindle unlimited too so I get books and I keep a watch for sales…


      1. wellreadmisty

        Unfortunately, you can’t. You have to subscribe to Scribd and use their app. Downside is you have to read on your phone. But what I do is, I open the website in my laptop, log in to my account and read from there. It works well for me! You can try their audiobooks too. They have a pretty decent selection. Not as good as Audible though, but good enough for me. 🙂


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