Take Advantage Prime Reading!!

Prime Reading

As you know by now, I am not easily swayed into joining any of Amazon’s reading-related programs. I do have an Amazon Prime account and have been exploring the benefits of my membership.

Was it worth it?

Y-E-S, Amazon Prime has so many perks I am continually learning new content I have access to–most recently being Prime Reading!! If you have a Prime account or an Amazon account make sure you are receiving emails for ebook/book deals and membership updates. I get daily deals and weekly deals emails for ebooks deals and new reads to Prime Reading.

So what about Prime Reading?

Prime Reading is a perk of having an Amazon Prime account. You have access to specific titles in the Prime Reading library. Some if not most are also Kindle Unlimited titles. These two reading programs work almost exactly the same. Kindle Unlimited you pay 9.99 a month for, Prime Reading is included with your Prime membership.

You can borrow up to 10 books, graphic novels, manga, whatever else you find in the Prime Reading library at a time. You Return them whenever you want! I read 8 issues of The Chilling Adventures of Sabina in an evening. I was able to get each issue from Amazon, read it, and return all from my IPad/phone. I was beyond spoiled by the convenience.

Prime Reading is excellent, I am tempted to join Kindle Unlimited. Which is ironic, since I recently posted about how Kindle Unlimited had nothing to offer me. What can it offer me now? Convenience. You can get the same convenient reading for free by using your local library’s online catalog through an app like Overdrive or Hoopla.

The selection from the Prime Reading is smaller than the Kindle Unlimited, so your choices are slim…but it is included in your membership so why not take advantage of it! I have an I am loving it.

How do you find Prime Reading titles?

Go to the Kindle Store through Amazon’s main page, and you will see this.

Screen Shot 2018-11-05 at 12.49.25 AM

Click on Prime Reading and you will be taken to the Prime Reading catalog. You can also search “Prime Reading” in the search bar on Amazon and get to it that way. Going through the Kindle Store is an easier way to browse.

So what??

If you are an avid user of the Amazon world Prime Reading is probably not new to you. If you are like me, welcome to the 21 century of Amazon Prime. I am easing my way into the e-reading world and finding myself enjoying it. If you are against e-reading, I challenge you to venture into the digital world. 🙂

Are you a Prime member? Are you using Prime Reading?




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