A Search For Bliss: A Prequel to The Anistemi

Charles Franklin

“All these impossible tasks. Find Bliss. Replace Thomas. And now, another one. Kidnap a Saetos child.”

Screen Shot 2019-01-23 at 2.11.41 PM.pngI have read the first book in the budding Anistemi series, The Children of the Forgotten. A Search For Bliss is a prequel short story that will leave you wanting more.

A Search for Bliss sets the stage so perfectly for Children of the Forgotten, and potentially the Anistemi series as a whole, I wish I would have read it first.

The story opens with a death, leading to Arik gaining a role of leadership he feels he isn’t ready for. Arik is coping with the loss of his mentor, friend, and leader when a girl, Bliss, is taken by the Saetos. Arik must lead a rescue party to save Bliss, but he returns with some else.

A Search for Bliss did answer some questions I had after reading Children of the Forgotten. It was nice to not only have those answered but build my excitement for what is to come as the Anistemi series develops. I loved seeing the characters I had grown to love interact once more.

If you are interested in fantasy or looking for a new read, I recommend you check out A Search For Bliss and then read Children of the Forgotten.


Do you know of any other series that have a prequel short story? Have you read A Search For Bliss or Children of the Forgotten? Do you enjoy reading fantasy? Do you read short stories?

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