Children of the Forgotten

Charles Franklin

“The women begged the men to come back and help the people that needed them. They wept and cursed…then wept some more. But they never prayed.”

“Juilo’s words about the outside world returned to him: It rained fire. Beast came from the sea. Everything changed.”

Children of ForgottenChildren of the Forgotten is something I easily could have devoured in a day. I had to know what was going to happen to Collin, his brother, and the other characters in this post-apocalyptic tale BUT sadly I had adultish duties to attend to. Rumors and tales of what lurks in the hills around the city spark not only my interest but Collin’s as well. What else is out there? Are there other cities? People? Survivors? Giants? 

Collin and his older brother Ethan live in a world after ours. Wars, bombs and the collapse of civilization produced a dangerous, potentially nuclear, wasteland. Luckily, Collin, Ethan, and their friends live in a city that is protected by not only an established government and knights but hills. The hills hide things and we only being to learn the danger of them, one being the savage Saetos.

Collin Mann is fifteen and a gravedigger. He is lucky to not only be fifteen but make it to sixteen. It is common and expected, everyone will catch “the sickness” and die very young. Collin is awkward and admires his older brother, Ethan. Ethan works with others who guard the city against the savages that live in the hills. Collin struggles to find faith and purpose in himself. He is faced with unthinkable challenges as he and his friends battle to survive.

Felicia is a school teacher. She is highly respected within the community and is raising a peculiar child, Anthony. She is thrown into a position of leadership and faces a war. Felicia is a character strong in her faith and eager to share the magic of what she believes with those around her. Some see her as hopeful and inspiring, while others view her as a witch.

Bliss is a fighter. She survived being attacked and kidnapped by the Saetos. You can only assume what she had to endure. She is able to escape and make it back to the city where she is known as “the girl who survived” more or less. People have a hard time dealing with what she went through, so Bliss is somewhat of an outcast. She doesn’t want friends or relationships, she wants revenge.

After an attack outside of the city, officials and townspeople start to worry the Saetos will attack. Collin and his friends will be tested in ways he never could imagine as the nail-biting story unfolds. I have so many questions that NEED to be answered in the books to come. 

If you like post-apocalyptic science fiction this is the read for you. There is a Christian message, but it is not forced or cheesy. I am not one to read Christian fiction often, or ever, so trust me that is it not a religion pushy story. Honestly, Children of the Forgotten felt more like a story of hope. If you are interested in the genre, I recommend you check Children of the Forgotten out! 

You will be shocked to know I greatly enjoyed Children of the Forgotten even though it was told through multiple points of views. I know, I was surprised myself. Be warned Children of the Forgotten was violent, but it didn’t take away from the story. I promise you will not be bored because Children of the Forgotten is action-packed.

I hope you will give Children of the Forgotten a read. After searching online I discovered there is a prequel novel called A Search For Bliss: A Prequel to The Anistemi. I will most defiantly be reading it soon while I wait for book two!

Have you read Children of the Forgotten? Do you read post-apocalyptic fiction? If you do read apocalyptic fiction what are some of your favorites?





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