Guest Post: A letter to You When You Don’t Feel Like Writing

Guest Post

I am super excited to share my first guest post from Novel Cave. Novel Cave is a book blog dedicated to reviews, recommendations, news, and more. Accessible to both book worms, and new readers.

A letter to You When You Don’t Feel Like Writing

You were probably a creator of stories for a long time. Maybe you were able to thread complicated narratives when you were playing with your friends when you were a kid, or maybe your favorite thing to do in school was creative writing project. Maybe you were got into writing late in the game, despite all this you’re a writer now, and sometimes writers need motivation.

There will be many days when you do not “feel like writing”. Today might be one of them. It would be much more appealing to watch television or go to bed, but there are too many reasons to keep going. One is that at this point you’re probably in too deep that quitting would be wasteful. You have probably already drafted your work spending a large amount of time writing, and revising. It’s too much time to put to waste by quitting, and allowing the story that you wanted to share to fall to the wayside.

We all know that writing is an extremely tedious act. Each day feels like a new challenge, and it never really gets easier, but you will get better. Sometimes to embrace the challenge you need a new location to keep your mind fresh, or a cup of coffee to encourage your body, and mind to push through a late night. If you need it, take it.

Often writing will have to be done at unconventional times and ways. That’s the reality of our lives. There will be early mornings and late nights where you all you want to do is go to bed, and there may be times when you need to write in a space that’s louder than ideal. Push through it, the rewards are worth it.

If you keep going the finished product will finally be yours. You will get to see, and hear about people’s reactions to the world that you have built, the character’s that you have formed, and the arcs that they travel through. You have a gift to share with the world, and if you write today you move closer towards delivering it. Once you have finished writing, and are ready to either self-publish or look for a publisher, it will be worth it. You will have achieved an act that most people could not do. Something that most people would have quit during the early stages. You will have a physical manifestation of a creation that was sprung from just your head.

You most likely have countless stories in your head that you want to put out, and you have the potential to write them so, but all you have to do is push through what you are working on. If you were about to leave this world, I’m sure it would feel better to have tried then nothing at all.

So if you ever don’t feel like writing read this, and remember why you started writing in the first place.

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