Walter Dean Myers

“The movie is more real in so many ways than the life I am leading. No, that’s not true. I just desperately wish this was only a movie.”

Screen Shot 2019-05-16 at 12.05.16 PM.pngMonster is on Time’s Best 100 YA list, which is how I finally came to reading this book. I am disappointed I have put reading this book off for so long. Some time has passed since Monster was published, but the plot is still relevant.

Monster is written like a film script, which makes for an easy and quick read. It is not common to come across a book that is written in a completely different style, Monster has defiantly stuck out to me more on Time’s list than others. I could be biased because I favor Walter Dean Myers.

Steve Harmon wants to be a filmmaker, but instead of following his ambitions, he is sitting through a murder trial being charged with murder. He copes with stress by writing his account of what is happening like a movie script.

So what happened? A store owner was killed in his own store, and Steve is rumored to have been involved.  Regardless of what did or didn’t occur, Steve encounters the harsh reality of “the system.” Steve becomes engrossed in writing the script and the situation he struggles to tell what is fact and fiction.

Do I recommend Monster? Not to everyone. I did enjoy the story and writing style, but I was never fully pulled in. I was able to put the book down and read other books before finishing this one. Monster is commonly read in the classroom and assigned for summer reads, so it is likely you may have already read this book. Monster would be great for struggling readers or readers who enjoy social justice issues. If you have read The Hate U GiveDear Martian, and or similar titles you will like Monster as well.

Have you read Monster? Do you like social justice books? Do you read books about teens viewed as criminals or teens that are criminals?

You can borrow a copy from your local library or Amazon. I did discover there is a graphic novel, I am not one to read books graphic novel siblings but if you are you can find it here.

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