#Clearingthehoard Lit Lemon 2020


In 2020 I am not reading to a certain number of books, I am going to read ALL the books I own that I HAVE NOT read. Yes, I am going to clear my TBR. These are books I have read fantastic reviews about, friends have begged me to read, or I have simply bought it because I am a book hoarder. I will be posting an official list shortly, my last count was 67 books.

My reading goal for 2020 is a popular idea, one fellow reading enthusiast I follow, Caffeinated Fae, coined the name #clearingthehoard. You can check out her full rundown of the challenge here. In short, the goal is to read books you own and determine if you are going to keep them. I cut corners and went through my book ahead of time, all the books I currently own I plan to keep.

Outside of my TBR list, I will be reading the exciting books I am asked to review. I do this for free/fun. I will also allow myself to buy a few books as the year goes on, but as of right now there are only a handful of books I plan on purchasing.

A friendly reminder that you do not have to set a reading goal to be a reader, blogger, or reviewer. I enjoy setting reading goals to hold myself accountable. So, if you do anything new in 2020, all I ask you to do it set aside a little time to read a book. 🙂

Do you have any reading goals for 2020?


  1. zettigal

    I love this idea & look forward to seeing your Book Hoard Data! I am refocused and will attempt to read 1 book a month, choosing from the 31 mostly unread books that currently sit on my bookshelf! Though, I may purchase a few new books because I am so excited to try out my new Kindle!


    1. Mackenzie

      I love it! I have a kindle as well and love it. I feel as if I can get through books easier becuase I can read on my phone or kindle and my process syncs. I still love my books but they get heavy after awhile.


  2. Dennis Mitton

    I have the same thought. I have a few hundred books laying about in boxes that I bought and – at the time – was excited to jump into. Then? Another trip to the bookstore or through Amazon or another read through the NYT Book Review. Oh well. I intend to buy TWO BOOKS today and then close up 2020 for book buying, unless I need it for blogging or writing, of course.

    Good luck to you in your reading! 2020 will be great!


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