2019 Lit Lemon Wrap Up

20192019 has been a fantastic year for Lit Lemon. Lit Lemon turned one, my twitter is booming, and I am building up my Instagram. The reading/writing community is a lovely place, filled with supporters and inspiration. I have worked with many authors and hope to meet even more in 2020. I am thrilled to have met so many wonderful readers, writers, and reviewers.

If you have been a faithful follower of Lit Lemon, you probably noticed the lack of reviews/posts in the past few months–not only on my blog but all social media. I thank you for sticking around through this unplanned break.  I have been reading, but not taking the time to write reviews. Why no post or warning? I have returned to the classroom and simply been consumed by the new curriculum and the unforeseen duties that accompany teaching.

That being said, I have been stockpiling reviews, so they will start posting bi-weekly in January. It has taken time to find a balance between work-life-and writing, but I am close to finding the perfect formula. I am very excited to launch into 2020 with a newfound ambition.

So how did my reading challenge go?

I am 40 books short of my goal of 100 books this year. I am disappointed I did not reach my goal, but I read 10 more books than last year, which is a big deal in itself! I was reading Time’s 100 Best YA Books. TBH most were not enjoyable, which made working my way down the list a chore. After reading a few, I came to the conclusion that the publishing world needs to work on defining the line between children lit, middle grade reads, young adult, and new adult books. Some books cross into two categories, but some are just children’s books and should only be labeled as such.

I will not be reading to X amount of book in 2020 but attempting a variation of the idea.

2019 has been a remarkable year!

I hope that 2020 is just as enjoyable. I wish you all warm wishes into the new decade. If you are a newer blogger reading this post, I highly encourage you to branch out to twitter and join the blogging/writing community.

Interested in a guest post? Want to collaborate? Author looking for a reviewer? Contact me at Litlemonbooks@gmail.com

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