4 Apps I Use to Track My Reading

I am not the best at tracking what I am reading, but I am interesting in my bookish stats. Thanks to a few apps that is possible. Here are my favorite bookish apps I use to track my reading. I use all of these apps on my phone or iPad. I cannot speak to how the websites perform on a computer.

1. Goodreads

I will forever and always use Goodreads. It is the backbone of my digital reading world. That being said, it is also not a great app or website.

After the last update, the Goodreads app better but there are still some bugs I have learned to live with. Overall it is my #1 app for tracking my reading and setting goals. I like that it can sync with my social media and Amazon (thus my kindle).

I plan my yearly reading goal in Goodreads, follow authors, enter giveaways, and leave reviews. If you follow me, you know I always leave at least a star rating. I think Goodreads is a must have for readers.

You can find my profile here.

2. StoryGraph

I can easily see Goodreads being replaced with StoryGraph in the near future. StoryGraph does what I wish Goodreads could do. StoryGraph tells me what I like to read and is able to give me recommendations that are scary accurate. I recommend importing your Goodreads library to get started. It took my Goodreads library a few days to import, so be patient. The stats are worth it!

StoryGraph and Goodreads are very similar in book tracking nature. You read a book, mark it as read, leave a star rating and review. A big difference is I can mark a book as DNF and StoryGraphs gives you a live breakdown of your reading habits. Check out a recently screenshot from my profile.

You can dig deeper into pace, page numbers, fiction vs non-fiction, a genre table, and a yearly chart. For reading pace and the yearly chart to be accurate you need to update your reading dates in the app. I choose to skip this because I am lazy.

The app is a little wonky, but it gives me so much good information about my reading habits I can look past the bugs. This app/website have evolved so quickly I can see it growing into a resource every reader loves.

My username on StoryGraph is LitLemon. Follow me!

3. Notes app

The notes app on my iPhone is the foundation of my life. I use the app very much like a notepad. I make a master list of books I want to read for the year, different reading list, check list, website list, brainstorm, etc.

My list are often riddled with typos and emojis. See my reading list for this year below.

I use the notes app for almost everything reading related. If you are in between a journal/notepad and an app, dive into your notes app. It is so nice to be able to take my notes everywhere I do.

Notes is by far my favorite app on my phone. If you have an iPhone use the notes app! Android users I know you have something similar.

4. Readerly

Readerly is another new bookish app. I am a lurker. I enjoy it, but have put forth no effort to post reviews. I plan to do a bulk update soon.

It is worth mentioning you do not have to make spoiler free reviews. Only readers who have marked the book as read can see your Takes. So you can express your thoughts freely.

There are new features to your profile that mimic StoryGraph. You can also import your Goodreads information so you do not have to go book by book to update your profile. It took about an hour to import my Goodreads info, StoryGraph took about two days. The stats provided by Readerly are not nearly as in-depth as StoryGraph, but still worth looking at. See a pictures of my reading profile below.

This app is lower on my list simply because I like StoryGraph more. I like the stats provided by Readerly but prefer the layout of StoryGraph. You can find me @litlemon on Readerly. If you would like an invite code, DM me on twitter @Litlemonbooks.

What are your favorite reading apps? Do you stick to one or use all of them?


  1. Dennis Mitton

    Just got ‘round to reading your email: good stuff for us bookies. Not much of an Amazon fan, though I do publish there and do use Goodreads weekly. Oh well. I use my phone Notes app too, a dozen times in day. I was dismayed to see your thumbs-down rating of A Clockwork Orange. A great book and a very strange movie. It appealed to me hugely back in the days of high school, but, alas, that was in the late 1970’s. We thought we were smart.

    I enjoy your posts

    Liked by 1 person

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