A Year Without Books: May Wrap-Up

WHEW. What a month May has been, like April, the books keep coming in. So many at one time there was no way I read every book I wanted to this month.

What have I learned in May?

  1. Look for the audiobooks. They likely have a short wait time, or no none at all. This has been a game changer for me.
  2. I have said this before, books 2-? of a series almost always are available, whereas book 1 has a long hold list.
  3. Popular books may not be worth the wait.
  4. Newer titles may be available as an ebook/audiobook before they hit the shelf at your local library. I don’t make the rules, this is what I have noticed.
  5. Use your library to stray into new genres. The only risk is that you may not like the book 🙂
  6. When a book becomes available from your hold list, if you do not borrow it within a certain time frame Libby will deliver it at a later date. Often my loans are available during the prime hours of the work day and I forget to borrow them that same day…thus have to wait a little longer.
  7. If you have friends who use the same library as you, you likely cannot read a book at the same time. Unless one person reads the ebook, one listens to the audiobook, and if there is a hardcopy someone reads that. I highly doubt you run into this issue, but you might.


My hold list is slowly shrinking, but my TBR is growing. A lot of the books I want to read I don’t need a hold for anymore! YAY for those readers who are not being active library users right now. I imagine many will return to reading as fall approaches.

  • Keeper of the Night
  • The Starless Sea
  • Jade City
  • Dark Witch
  • Spin the Dawn
  • We Hunt the flame
  • The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue
  • Tender if the Flesh
  • Gallant
  • To Kill a Kingdom
  • The Atlas Six
  • The Grace Year
  • The Ninth House
  • Daughter of the Moon Goddess


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