A Year Without Books: June Wrap-Up

June taught me rough lessons that have made me shift my library reading ways for July. I struggled to balance the short loan times of longer novels I wanted to read in June. One of my library cards almost always has the titles I want to read available, but for only 14 day loans. I thought I could read a few longer novels faster than humanly possible for my eyes, haha, you live and you learn.

Here is what I learned in June:

  1. Again, popular titles have LONG wait times.
  2. Do not request multiple 500+ page novels at once.
  3. Audiobooks have a shorter wait time, if any wait time at all!
  4. IF you must read huge novels in one month, request a mix of audiobooks and ebooks.
  5. SOME ebook loans will linger on your Kindle after the loan has ended. I do not know why, but it happens. You can keep reading and then return the look manually. I do not know how long the loan would stay on your Kindle.
  6. When listening to an audiobook on Libby, if you tap the book cover Libby will display stats for that listening session.
  7. Do not be afraid to go to the library and pick up physical copies of the books you want to read!

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  1. Alexis_Bookdragon

    I like your tips here! For my kindle, I load it up with as many books as I can from the library and then turn WiFi off. The books can still be returned for others to read, but the books stay on until your wifi is turned back on. I do this…every time. Now, I guess that’s if you have a kindle and aren’t using just the app. 🤩

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  2. Kristina

    Hah- those are interresting. My libby loans for 28 days im pretty sure! That’s wierd that some libraries has shorter loan periods.

    I absolutely just pick books readily available, and don’t go in line for any 🤣 im also a mood reader so.. with my luck it’d be my turn and I wouldve completely switch mood ahah

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Mackenzie

      Whoa 28 days!!!!! I have 14 days and 20 day. The 20 day library always has wait times for most titles.

      It has been very letting go of mood reads 😦 the books I am just feelings almost always have a wait

      Liked by 1 person

  3. BookerTalk

    I can relate to your tip number 2. I am so guilty of requesting many more books than its possible for me to read and they all seem to become at once. It ends up then that many of them have to just be returned unread


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