Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa

“Should she be baptized and accept the Dark Lord’s final blessing or should she go to the pep rally and after party with Harvey?”



As the spooky season comes to an end, Netflix released their take on The Chilling Adventure of Sabrina. I was stoked, to say the least, more so when I discovered it was based off comics. I blew through issues 1- 8 in an evening. Each issue is about 45 pages long, you could read them all as quickly as I did.

I read the digital version of the comics using Prime Reading. They read nicely on my phone. If you are not a prime member/kindle unlimited member, they are .99 cents for the Kindle editions. 🙂

I had no idea what this reboot of  Sabrina was going to be like. Three words: Dark, twisted, creepy. I loved the art style. Story-wise it isn’t that amazing, but the artwork makes up for what the story is lacking.

A cool perk of these interesting comics is at the end of each issue there is a retro comic. It was a nice touch to remind you how drastically different Sabrina is now.

Sabrina is turning sixteen and must make a choice. Will she continue her life as a witch or let her powers dwindle as she lives out her days as a human? She is guided by her cousin, cat, and aunts. Outside of her magical family, she has Harvey Kinkle. He is cute and her dream boy…for now.

Beyond issue one, Sabrina has to make choices any teenage witch must. Break witch law? A life for a life? the problems keep rolling in. This is not the comics from the past, this is a new Sabrina. A dark Sabrina. There is blood, creepy witches, a twisted story, brief backstory to characters, and great artwork. I can’t lie, I am anxiously waiting for issue 9. 

I did not know a man was working to perversely revamp classic comics. I mean that in the best way possible. I am most defiantly going to go on to read more of Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa work.

If witchcraft, dark magic, gore, blood, devil worship, talking animals, and anything similar makes you uncomfortable—do not read these! If you are open to a new dark take on a fun classic, these if for you. Even though Halloween as passed, you can curl up with these dark reads all throughout the fall season.

Have you read the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina? Do you plan to? Or do you think some things don’t need to be remade? Tell me below!


  1. Bella G. Bear

    I am glad to see you reviewed this book! I saw the series on Netflix and was very curious how it would be. It looks like great fun :-). Do you mean with classic the older television series ‘Sabrina the teenage witch’? And if so does that mean there’s a comic of that?? 😀 that would be fantastic news

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