Thankful Thursday: Vampire YA


thankful1I had to give Twilight its own post. Post-Twilight I went on to read lots of vampire books. It would take far to much research to track down all the titles and there is no way for me to remember them all.

Here three series/books I am thankful for because they helped pass the time, were fun, and exciting.

Demon in My View by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes

I actually read this book right after I read Twilight because it was the only similar book in my school’s library. I, like my school’s librarian, had no idea it was the second book in a series (Den of Shadows). I have been meaning to revisit this vampy YA, but I don’t want to ruin the memories I have of it. I feel like some books don’t need to be reread.

Vampire Kisses by Ellen Schreiber

Did anyone else read this series of YA vampire fiction? I felt like I was the only one buying the few copies from my local Borders. Vampire Kisses if one of my favorite YA vampire series.

I loved Raven. She was the goth friend I never had. The plot of Vampire Kisses is similar to all vampire stories. A new person rolls into town, Alexander Sterling, he is a vampire. Raven and Alexander develop a friendship/relationship, and the nine-book adventure begins.

Vampire Kisses was not and is not a complicated series. The writing is simple and the characters are stereotypical. You can go to Goodreads and read the various low reviews the books have. I don’t care. I loved them. I am thankful I discovered this series because no one (around me) was reading them. It felt like a secret adventure.

Chronicles of Vladimir Tod by Heather Brewer

Another vampy YA. This is a pretty cool series focused on a teen named Vladimir Tod. You get to follow Vlad and his exciting journey from eighth to twelfth grade. I can’t lie to you guys, I didn’t make it that far because I was reading these bad boys as they came out. I hate waiting for books, so I moved on and read a wiki summary. I am the worst kind of reader. I want spoilers to know if the book is worth reading. I will finish these one day. I recommend The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod to anyone interested the vampire YA and male main characters.

I really liked the Chronicles of Vladimir Tod because it was a different story, the main character was a guy, AND the first book started when Vlad was in the eighth grade. I liked the voice of Vlad and the humor throughout the novels.

Heather Brewer did go on to write The Slayer Chronicles. They tell the story of Joss McMillan, a vampire hunter from The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod, probably just as interesting as her other work. I did not read these. Honestly, I have no interest in doing so because I have moved on from vampires…mostly. The anal part of me had to tell you there was a somewhat sequel series out there.

Vampire Diaries by L. J. Smith

What a whirlwind this series was. I am thankful for the following: The Awakening & The Struggle, The Fury & Dark Reunion. I read this series for Elena, Stefan, and Damon love triangle. I was not happy with the last book, but as readers we learn to move on and accept what is. I know there is more to this series/story but I like to think the story ends and begins with only these.

I liked the concept of having two books in each book. I am not sure if the series is still published in that way. I was so so so excited when the TV show premiered. Sadly, I didn’t last through the first season.

Thankfully YA is always changing!

Which is why it is one of my favorite genres. Vampires fell of out popularity and zombies/dystopia followed. Which snapped me out of the vampire trance. I am a tad embarrassed by how much vampire fiction I read, but it was a fun time- I have no regrets. If you want to go back to “the beginning” you should check out Dracula by Bram Stoker.

Did you go through a phase as a younger reader? Have you read these books? Thoughts? Questions? Tell me below!


  1. Paige @ BookishPaige_

    Ugh i want to pick up Dracula so bad! The other vampire books I know of are The Coldest Girl In Coldtown .. and I’m not sure but I think Sarah J Maas’ new upcoming series is vampires too. I also know Renee Ahdleh is also writing a vampire series too.

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